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Note:  Far too many hours working and minimal sleep with lots of caffeine.  I’m on a psycho-rocket ride into next week.  It’ll be fun.


I read the news today:

Sun unleashes massive solar flares...

What’s all the fuss about, because Obama did not do anything wrong.  Go talk to Bush Jr. about anything underhanded.

Immediately what came to mind was:

… White House Fingers Bush…


Funny thing is, O’s mouthpiece Carney did not come out and mention that the IRS thing happened even longer ago than Benghazi and should be dismissed as so much piffle.  He seems to have lost that particular trick.

Axlerod says the government is too big for Obama to handle.  Such a piquant bouquet to his bullshit.  Oh, Obama didn’t know about this, Obama had nothing to do with that, Obama wasn’t part of such-and-such planning… Is anyone else wondering just what it is he does do in the White House besides have lavish parties with Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, and the long list of star-studded sycophants?  I can’t tell what he does when he’s not doing all these things, not golfing, and not vacationing.

Keep an eye out as Obama becomes even more politically radioactive.  Next to fall will be when anyone that can find an escape hatch on the USS Immigration bails out except for the Gang of Eight who are so tightly holding each other’s privates as hostage they will never listen to those who they really must answer.

Sequester … not sure if there is another dynamic there other than the dems trying to buy back some credibility at the new higher rates.

If his lame duck doesn’t have AFLAC and gets lots of bedsores next fall is going to be interesting.  Maybe Bummercare™ can be scraped away or frozen off for the warty thing it is.

Remember how Obama came out in the beginning and said his will be the most transparent administration ever?

Here’s what came to mind then:  This is a lot like the guy in the conference hall at the hotel that stands up during the luncheon and announces “Just so you all know, I’m heterosexual.” and then sits down.

I was left thinking, “… Really?  What was the reason you felt you needed to share that?”

The Blaze added that government agencies other than the IRS treat conservatives crappy, too.  Imagine a bunch of Greenies going after land-rapers.  But it actually is more aimed at using the FOIA as a carrot and withholding FOIA as a stick.

So now you have a general mistreatment of a class by:  Taxing them more, taking away their guns, harassing them with the IRS, bringing in more people to live off of them, making them pay much more for what they were actually happy with already in terms of health care, now you are going to push them around using eco-terrorism, you’re going to read all their mail, listen to their calls, you’re going load up on billions of rounds of ammo, buy armored anti-mine capable troop carriers, lots of full body gear, and full-auto weapons.  Then add the electronic warfare and tracking from drones.  Then for good measure you insult their intelligence while displaying your lack of diligence with our ambassador and call it long ago.

Huh.  That has “Scary” writ all over it in big glowing letters.


Cruel Wife informed me that she saw Obama still has a fan club.  Woo-woo.

I’m going to guess that if you check IP addresses and trace them back far enough the physical address in meatspace is 1600 Penn. Ave.  and that there are three members.

IRS… you know where to find me.  Just ask the NSA.  Or look it up on a drone.

What surprises me is that there are still people able to act like they are shocked, as if this is a sudden revelation of a hitherto undiagnosed set of character flaws.  So anyway, I figure there is a certain percentage of people that still love him but it got a lot smaller with the toppling of the media donkey-fluffer elite.

Lemurita, if you are reading this, a donkey-fluffer goes around making donkeys look poofy.  No, don’t repeat that in school.

Yes, I’m in a mood.  Sue me.  Get in line after the IRS takes their cut.


My daughter asked me at the dinner table what the middle finger means, while “aiming” it in my direction.  Yes, I know 9-10 is not an unreasonable age for those questions to come up but I still didn’t quite see it coming until too late.  I feel like Mr. Magoo, with the whole world happening around me and I only dimly perceive what my children are doing until too late.

But we rolled with it.


Cruel Wife found an old card she got for her dad.  Frankly, that card can make me laugh every single day.


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Rightfully so…

Who can blame Bush?  I’d be pissed too.  Either Obama can’t hold his tongue or he needs to clean house of those who can’t take the job seriously.

Crap, normal people with Secret clearance are usually held to account, these folks ought to be as well.

From Drudge:

Tue Nov 11 2008 09:28:10 ET

Just hours after President Bush and President-elect Obama met in the Oval Office of the White House, details of their confidential conversation began leaking out to the press, igniting anger from the president, sources claim.

"Senator Obama would be wise to keep close counsel," a top Bush source warned.

"BUSH AND OBAMA AT ODDS OVER AID FOR AUTO INDUSTRY," splashed the NEW YORK TIMES in an exclusive Monday evening, quoting "people familiar with the discussion."

The two met at the White House in private, without staff.

"Bush indicated at the meeting that he might support some aid and a broader economic stimulus package if Obama and congressional Democrats dropped their opposition to a free-trade agreement with Colombia," claimed the TIMES.


The ASSOCIATED PRESS quickly followed with details of the conversation, citing "aides who described the discussion on grounds of anonymity, citing the private nature of the meeting."

Bush advisers view the leaks as an effort to undermine the president's remaining days in office.

"Senator Obama may not be familiar with a long-standing tradition of presidents holding their private conversations, private," a senior adviser explained to the DRUDGE REPORT.



And, who can blame this girl?  Good for you for sticking up for yourself.  More courage than a lot of us have – plus she hasn’t gotten a fair shake and is probably tired, too.  Poor kid.  I can’t see the grand design here.

And the damn nanny-state has to jump in where it’s pretty obviously not a case of “this is an easy way to ditch the kid”.  I don’t understand why authorities all the way around are incapable of using common sense.  To force that girl to do anything is cruel, even forcing her to “live”.

Girl, 13, Rejects Life-Saving Heart Transplant, Goes Home to Die

Tuesday , November 11, 2008

A 13-year-old girl is home with her family after convincing British authorities to allow her the right to refuse a heart transplant.

Hannah Jones tells the Daily Mirror she’s had enough of hospitals — where she spent much of the last eight years — and just wants to spend time with her parents, brother and sisters.

The newspaper is reporting in Tuesday’s editions that Hannah was about to be removed from her parents’ care by local authorities, who were insisting she agree to a heart transplant.

But the paper is quoting Hannah’s father as saying that his daughter convinced the authorities the operation wasn’t in her best interest.

Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4. It was later discovered she has cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart.

According to the Times of London, doctors have warned Hannah that a heart transplant is risky and that, even if it succeeded, the drugs used to prevent her body rejecting the new heart could prompt a recurrence of the leukemia.

Hannah’s mother Kirsty, an intensive care nurse, and her father Andrew, an auditor, say they respect their daughter’s wishes and are angry that the hospital brought the action.

(source:  http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,449912,00.html)


Mike Baker on the Democratic wins – Presidential and Congressional.   Titled:

Click Your Heels Three Times Fast and Say Hope and Change


More Democrats eat their own…

Ouroboros, redefined…


At least they’re keeping their sense of humor.  Norovirus at Grand Rapids’ Hope College.

Also nice that the article’s author caught it… the humor, that is.

The Facebook page offers T-shirts for sale that say “Norovirus ’08” on the front and “Victim — The college is not being quarantined … students are encouraged to remain calm” on the back.

And one commenter, jvh679 on the webnews page said:

I heard yesterday that this was Bush’s fault. Just thought I’d save someone the trouble.

Response by LordRamoth:

yeah, i heard that McCain planted the virus provided by Bush…

Then, by  Griff10:

At least Bush found his weapons of Mass destruction!

Don’t know how/why of it, but damn is it weird. Sorry, but it is.  The offspring of an unholy union of man/giraffe – every bit as terrifying as mixing an elephant with a pig.  Although… I was under the impression that it was only the women that did this stuff.neckked

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Lou Dobbs leaves no question as to where his sentiments lie (emphasis mine):

Lou Dobbs: Bush Should Be Impeached for Salmonella Outbreak
By Jeff Poor
Business & Media Institute
6/20/2008 12:47:50 PM

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has been on a tear about the recent tainted-tomato salmonella outbreak, but this time he’s taken it a step further and is calling for the ultimate political punishment.

The “Lou Dobbs Tonight” host placed the blame for the recent salmonella outbreak squarely on President George W. Bush, calling for his impeachment on the June 19 broadcast. Contaminated tomatoes from an unknown source or sources have sickened 383 people since April, according to the Associated Press.

“You know, I have heard a lot of reasons over the years as to why George W. Bush should be impeached,” Dobbs said. “For them to leave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in this state, its leadership in this sorry condition and to have no capacity apparently or will to protect the American consumer – that is alone to me sufficient reason to impeach a president who has made this agency possible and has ripped its guts out in its ability to protect the American consumer.”

Well, I say NO KIDDIN’! Right on, Lou! Go get ‘im, tiger!

Dammit, Bush should be out there checking every damned piece of fruit and vegetable that moves in this country and he should eat a little piece of each to show solidarity with all those people who depend on skills that only he can provide. The FDA can’t help here because single-handedly he has disrupted the lives of every single employee in the FDA. They just can’t do anything with the constant death threats and harassment Bush heaps upon them as he calls them all between the hours of 1:30AM and 4:30AM. Throw the bastard out.

On to other atrocities. Our government is hassling this poor man just trying to make his way in this world.

Prosecutors: Snipes ‘should be in custody’

Fred Hiers
Published: Friday, June 20, 2008 at 11:49 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, June 20, 2008 at 11:54 a.m.
OCALA – Actor Wesley Snipes’ freedom as he appeals his 36-month sentence on three misdemeanor charges for not filing taxes could be in peril.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a motion Thursday with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit saying that it will appeal a U.S. district judge’s May 22 decision allowing Snipes to remain free on bond while he appeals his three-year sentence. The sentence was the maximum allowed for his crimes.

“We want him in custody,” said Steve Cole, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. “He’s been convicted by a jury. He has been sentenced to three years and he should be in custody.”

On May 22, Judge William Terrell Hodges penned an order saying “the court is persuaded by the history of the case and all of the attendant circumstances that the defendant poses no substantial risk of flight and does not constitute a danger of any kind if he remains at liberty pending appeal.

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Ok, President Bush had a conference today.

Saudi oil output hike would not solve US problems

Bush said he was “pleased” with a Saudi decision taken on May 10 to increase its oil production by 300,000 barrels per day in response to customers, but said that he was “also realistic” about what the Americans should do.”Our problem in America gets solved when we aggressively go for domestic exploration. Our problem in America gets solved if we expand our refining capacity, promote nuclear energy and continue our strategy for the advancing of alternative energies as well as conservation,” he said.

“One interesting thing about American politics these days is those who are screaming the loudest for increased production from Saudi Arabia are the very same people who are fighting the fiercest against domestic exploration, against the development of nuclear power and against expanding refining capacity.”


President Bush is speaking of oil in ANWR, refineries, nuclear, and alternatives as if these tactics are useful now, when it will take years to even see the results of those actions. The barn door was left open a long time ago.

This is not to say that these shouldn’t be done. But it is not a question of if they should be done but rather of when they should be done.

Here is the issue I have with talking about ANWR like it is a good help-things-soon kind of solution.

Imagine that there is truly the possibility that we’ll run completely out of oil in the next 50 years. I highly doubt the pants-wetters on this, but let us continue with our “what if?” game. As those Middle East oil producers realize that their oil tanks are dipping very low, they are going to start hoarding what they have, and it will be either used for themselves or for making ever more obscene amounts of money.

At that point, supposing that we have tapped into our domestic oil sources and used them all along, what do we have left? You can be sure that countries grown prosperous and large amounts of relatively wealthy citizens will suddenly view oil as being as important as water itself, especially in winter months. Who will be the people most well off should the Middle East actually dry up? It will be those who have not exploited and used up all of their own domestic supply.

As OPEC production increasingly lags behind demand regardless of refinery capacity, the larger more populous countries will begin casting about for alternative sources of energy (what we have now is flashlight/butt/hands fumbling weakly). One can well imagine that in spite of all the backslapping, hugging, and photo-ops between Russian and Chinese leaders, as soon as oil supplies get snarled, China is going to stop looking at Russia as a neighbor and more as a milk cow or worse, both for their domestic supply and for the fact that Russia stands between the Chinese and the Arctic. Russia has resources China would dearly love to have – domestic oil, lumber, and location, location, location. The Arctic is being eyed greedily every day and the US is no exception. In a contest between China and Russia, my bet is on China.

We talk about shale oil out west, oil sands in Canada, and ANWR, and that is fine, but we also ought to try to keep a longer outlook: What you have in your hand is yours but what someone promises you and they hold in their hand is theirs until they actually give it to you. And in the real world deals are made and broken all the time.

The takehome on this is simple:


It sounds harsh and scheming, but what else are you going to do? It’s a harsh world and you have to think about these things unless you wish to become a liberal.

In the immediate term a rational approach would be to build refineries to limit bottlenecking here in the US – less stress on the infrastructure makes sense, economically and strategically. Secondly we should be revisiting the use of nuclear power – we have a place to store wastes and we have had an effective method of transporting spent nuclear materials for years. Third (slightly out of order) states could stop requiring bouquet formulations of fuels which would help smooth the jagged edges over a bit. And start looking at rail transportation that makes sense in the US, for heaven’s sake. Buses are cute but they’re terrible for a real commute in America, from suburbs to city.

But in the meantime? Tighten your belt and just pay for your gas like everyone else.

Or we could start to make ethanol out of potatoes instead of corn.

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