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Did she get dinner first?

Woman inseminated by cooked squid.

Yeah. I thought it was peculiar, too.

Wherever Drudge gets the pics, he uses them well.


I am not sure if I posted this but I think I first saw it on New Year’s Eve or around then. Lighting makes the mood, and boy does it.

Rotate your owl was like this but not as cool. Ultra-stabilized camera.

Restore your frown-cracked child’s face with a casting..

Now THAT is a tat. I don’t know squat about Twitter. CW sent me the link, so however you trail after the guy or whatever, it is up to you.


Spike Lee qualifies as Prick of the Year 2014. Rather than say “Hey, awesome!” or “How can we get everyone together to make a strong community and make it a place where people trust and thrive?” he focuses on the same old negative and racist patterns of thought.

. I am thinking that next time we have a “discussion” or “dialogue” about race, maybe we should include crappy attitudes, too.

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Night shooting.

Funny, but following on the heels of my Words without equivalents post, aliceaitch over at DPUD passed on the following link, enough to make a father quiver.

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters.  Hats off to Michael Mitchell, the author.  Damn that saccharine-ey sweet list.   Does it have to be right?

#7 seems appropriate.  #47 is going to.

Not fair, aliceaitch… not fair.


No, not with guns.  Cameras!

It’s been a full moon and it has also been the perfect opportunity to break out the tripod and take some long exposures.

Not bad for focusing in the dark.  It was midnight in Michigan – definitely dark except for the moon.

F/5.6, 15sec, ISO400.  Bit of postprocessing of the raw image and in photoshop.  I’m doing something wrong with my colorspace handling, which is why it looks bluer than it did when I was processing it – sort of how film processing labs went overboard on the blue to make people’s blue skies look really blue when it was actually pretty darned hazy-grey.  I’ll run that issue down and re-post the image.

Considering I went outside and took four shots, two of the moon and two of the driveway, I wasn’t too unhappy with the exposure and focus side of things.  I’ve got a very great deal to learn, as you can see.  I think I really need to crank the aperture down some more but we’ll see tonight after I shoot some more.

I’m REALLY going to run down that color issue.  More I look at it the more I hate it and want to kill it with fire.

This was a better one.  Same camera settings, looking up at the moon.

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Woke up feeling pretty not-right this morning.   Day two or three of this, and I think I must’ve pinched something in the neck.  So I figured I’d go back to sleep to see if that might help relax things.  The plan was to do that and then do my work from home today.

I only just now got up.  I had finally gotten back to sleep but it was weird dreams.

I dreamt Peter Sellers and I were holed up in dilapidated motel trying to hide from post-apocalyptic gangs and militias, when suddenly Chuck E. Cheese shows up outside.  Sellers went running out there and was screaming that he wanted a picture with Chuck E. Cheese.  So I ran out there, was getting situated while scanning the area for raiders and militias, and then it got amazingly weird.   I raised my Nikon to take the shot… but the weird part is that I have a Canon.

Dreams are strange.  What in hell would make a brain substitute a different make of camera?


Islamists?  Really?  My first thought was “those damn Swedes are up to no good again!”

Suici… Homicide Bomber Hits Biggest Russian Airport.

Thing about wacked-out crazies is they leave behind so much more collateral damage than just the victims.  The families and friends are walking wounded, too.

If he had 15lbs of TNT, lets just be thankful he didn’t have 15lbs of RDX or PETN… or 30lbs of the stuff.  I suppose this is the whole point, but these terrorists are scary.

I wish we’d start getting more serious about stopping the terrorists rather than stopping little old ladies and groping them.  (Thanks again, TSA for not really making a difference!)


h/t to mrmacs for this link to an FEL the Navy is working on.  Say whatever you will about the Navy (I have many great things to say about them, myself) but they sure do have some of the best funding around for new technology.


Now… why am I having such a hard time believing this?

Pot meets pop: Local entrepreneur plans to market line of smartly branded medical-marijuana soft drink

“I don’t do drugs,” said the Soquel-based commercial artist. “Never have. I never drank, never smoked. I’m a clean-living guy. I’ve had two beers in my whole life, and I remember them both too. No marijuana, I’ve never smoked a cigarette. I take an aspirin when I get a headache. That’s it.”

Hmmm.  Perhaps it really is true that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Well, you go ahead and judge.

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