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I was sitting in my office yesterday when The Butcher of Lansing darkened my doorway.  He knows I love cars a lot and says “You have to go out back and see the car.”

Being hard of hearing I thought he was telling me that I needed to go out back so he could tell me some bad news about a project we’re on.

I said “Is this going to make me cry or make me mad?”


Remembering the Fisker from last fall, I suddenly understood and ran to the back of the building and only stopped long enough to grab the camera.

See if you can guess what this is:


I set the camera down after taking this picture and I ran up to the guys who were climbing over the car.

I said to the guy who looked the most professionally-dressed “I will let you have my credit card for fifteen minutes if you start that car up so I can hear it.”

He smiled and talked with one of the other guys who got in the car and turned it on and revved it up to 7-8000 RPM.

I could describe the awesomely loud sound like this:

Replace every tooth on the chain of an enormous stainless-steel chainsaw with a scalpel blade and rev it up as tight as it will go.  It’s like a surgical chainsaw gnawing on diamonds.

It was harsher/brighter than I personally like – it sounded nothing like a classic American muscle car – but it sounded dangerous and I’d still take it in a heartbeat.  It had the same quality of danger you could imagine of you walked up to a leopard and give its scrotum a good hard squeeze-and-twist.

It was hard to conceive of how the tires could possibly grip the road if you tromped on the gas.

Care to guess what this car is?

I called Cruel Wife to tell her what I’d seen, because she loves cars, too.

Me:  You’ll never guess what I saw out back…

CW:  What?

Me:  A ______ _______ _______!!!

CW:  Lucky dog.  I’m picking up the floor to vacuum.

Me:  Did you hear me?  I saw a _______ ________ ________!!!  The guy started it up!  It was AWESOME!

CW:  Ok.

Me:  Ok.  Well, I guess that’s all I had.  Goodbye, I guess.

CW:  Bye.

Later she e:mails me.  Simply put, it said “When are you coming home?  How do tostados sound”

My reply:


What do you care???  You were totally unexcited about

ME SEEING AN ______ _______ _______!!!

But instead, you’re grumpy that you have to vacuum

AND I GOT TO SEE AN ______ _______ _______ AND LISTEN TO IT ROAR AT 7500 RPM!!!

Tostados sound awesome.

I plan on

AN ______ _______ _______ WITH QUAD OVERHEAD CAMS, 530BHP, 0-60 IN 4.2 SECONDS, AND 420LBF TORQUE!

            leaving around 5:15pm.

We men die first because we want to, I tell you.  I left at 6pm in any event because I couldn’t get out any quicker than that.

What car is it?  If the pic didn’t give it away, and the specs didn’t give it away, this ought to help… the RPM dial goes counterclockwise.

Ok, yes, so sue me.  My life is sad and small enough that I get excited by cars.

I even got to touch the car.  I may never wash that hand again.


The CDC is, much like the press, the EPA, the IRS, and any organization with a high profile, far too impressed with itself.

One in five children has a mental illness.  Oh, as high as that, hmm?

“This is a deliberate effort by CDC to show mental health is a health issue. As with any health concern, the more attention we give to it, the better. It’s parents becoming aware of the facts and talking to a health-care provider about how their child is learning, behaving and playing with other kids,” said Dr. Ruth Perou, the study’s lead author.

Oh, it’s a deliberate effort, all right.

I suspect that this is the same kind of “feelings trump reality” judgment call that leads to “everyone is special” and “we’re all winners”.

Kids are just plain not rational.  They don’t do logical things.  Until you see a clear and consistent pattern and dig deeper into the behavior, you can’t really go around making claims like this.

If your kid needs to have his stuffed animals arranged in a ring, imitates environmental noises nonstop, cannot meet your gaze, trips over his own shadow, and can only communicate with great difficulty, yeah, maybe he’s autistic.  Get that checked out.  (yes, we have one of those cases at LemurHouse)

If your kid cannot pay attention, disrupts class, and has antisocial tendencies – he/she might be a kid in serious need of discipline.  Kid might just have a lot of energy.  If you see a months/years long pattern of behavior that isn’t correctable by discipline and it causes a breakdown at every point in life, then yeah, you probably have a problem on your hands.

But one in five kids mentally ill?  Nah, they’re kids.


You know, the whole IRS thing has that “bag of cats, smell of crazy all over it” kind of feeling.

On Saturday, Celia Roady — the lawyer who asked the question of IRS official Lois Lerner at the May 10 American Bar Association conference — issues the following statement to Fox:

“On May 9, I received a call from Lois Lerner, who told me that she wanted to address an issue after her prepared remarks … and asked if I would pose a question to her after her remarks. I agreed to do so.…We had no discussion thereafter on the topic of the question, nor had we spoken about any of this before I received her call. She did not tell me, and I did not know, how she would answer the question.”

It looks particularly bad because it is either the mindset of someone who pretends to be an adult but can’t actually behave like one, or an adult with scheming and cynicism so ingrained as to be criminally pathological.
Sadder still, it’s only the symptom of the disease.  The disease is much much worse.

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Seriously scary stuff… I was amenable to controlled bailouts if they made sense from a pragmatic standpoint.  The kind of logic that says “If the whole applecart is not only going to be upset but nuked, then it is worth doing.”   However, this sort of stuff scares me silly – as posted by Michelle Malkin:

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

It gets better according to Malkin:

On Sept. 15, Paulson was patting himself on the back for refusing to “put taxpayer money on the line” to rescue Lehman Brothers. On Sept. 16, just a day after drawing a line in the bailout sand, Paulson teamed up with the Fed’s Ben Bernanke to engineer the $85 billion federal bailout of AIG. And on Sept. 19, he was telling Americans that “hundreds of billions of dollars” — their dollars — were needed to “be big enough to make a real difference and get at the heart of the problem” and “stabilize the system.” This is on top of the estimated $200 billion in capital and credit lines committed by Paulson to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — capital that he had promised he wouldn’t be injecting into those two government-sponsored entities in August ( “We have no plans to insert money into either of those two institutions.”)

You need to go to the link to her site and read what she’s had to say about Paulson and the scary stuff going on here.  It almost makes the democrats look like pikers.  Oops.  He is a democrat.  She has FAR more to say than I’ll post here.


I’m all for a good joke but this goes beyond humor into a vicious mean-spirited masquerade – joking about Palin’s husband and incest.  Keep it up Dems… lines can be crossed.

If anyone in Washington was surprised they should be removed for being naive suckers.  They should be anyway. Like North Korea had any intention of doing anything once they had aid and oil in their pocket.  Rule #1 – you don’t give someone a rock to throw at you.

This is a lot like a family declaring bankruptcy because of living on credit cards to fund all manner of hedonistic activities, and just as the papers are being signed they charge a two-week cruise.  Bonuses at Lehmen’s?

Last I checked, the man could only drive one at a time.  McCain and his Baker’s Dozen of Evil Terrorism-Sponsoring Machines.

Metrosexuality doesn’t pay.  It all comes down to this:  Are you going to be agressive enough to demand fair compensation?  Most women are just not going to beThere is your gender/wage gap. What a load of shite.

Double standard?  You mean “buy one, get one free” isn’t allowed with Palin? I wasn’t aware it was even an issue in conservative circles.

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