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Yay me.

Update #2:

Holy f***.   11:39pm… gonna be a long night.



Ok, so for a brief while there I was feeling pretty ok, able to move my head all around.  By the time we got to the car I was feeling kind of cruddy.  Still am.

The deal, talking with the doc before the procedure is that I have three bulging discs in my neck, one moderately severe based on what I told him about leaning forward to hold something in the lab and having my finger and thumb go numb.

So what they did was the epidural and combined it with several cortisone injections for arthritis, the logic being that do them all at once and you have less trips into the operating room.

As bad as all that news is, at least I don’t have to wonder if someone thinks it is all in my head.


Today is another exciting edition of Cervical Epidural Day!

I can’t wait.  Another hour and 12 minutes by my reckoning.  A wee bit more risk than the previous spots and if history is any guide as soon as the anesthetic wears off 12 hours after that I’m going to be a hurtin’ puppy.  Don’t know why I don’t handle ’em well but I just don’t.  But if it works, it’s good news and bad news.

Good news because I’ll get some temporary relief.  Bad news because, if I understand it right, if it works then it’s probably going to mean disc removal in the future.  Huh.  I guess I’m not all that opposed to it if it helps but I sure don’t want a nasty painful procedure that doesn’t change the Quality-of-Life meter.

More later.

And yes, I’m telling them I want a sedative.


And truly, this is NSFW, brought to you by Lady Clankington.  Steampunk and “personal stimulation”.  Yes, the article is nearly a year old.  I just thought you might be tittilated.  Or something.

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Update 2:  Now evening.  Late evening.

Hurts like a bejeezus now that the anesthetic has completely worn off (hours ago, actually).   What I thought earlier was “worn off” was only “partially worn off”.   Damn.  And it’s going to be two more hours for a painkiller.

Mostly headache until I turn my head, tip it forward or back, or cock it to either side.  As long as I don’t do any of that shi… uh… stuff, I’m ok-.  Ish.   Did I mention two more hours?

As I was telling buddy Enas over at The Anomaly, it took me four epidurals to finally remember on #5 to ask the doc what he planned right before the procedure.

He walks in and I said “So Doc, what’s on the agenda?”  He briefly told me what he intended to do and then he knocked me out.   Based on my observed status, sensations, and side-effects he shot all manner of industrial  solvents into my neck… diesel, benzene, naptha, pure ethanol, and MEK.  Think he had some methylene chloride and acetone in there, too.

Maybe even a pinch of salt and some cayenne pepper to ‘wake things up’ a bit.

Two more hours… Time really passes slowly when you’re less than comfortable.   Spent ten days in the hospital once after a multiple compound fracture of my right arm.  It was a very very long ten days.  Longest thirty years of my life.   It’s better in this instance, though.  Two more hours will happen about six days from now.

Update: Got the shot this morning.

Up until about 45 minutes ago I had started to wonder if I was going to get away with a pain-free procedure.

Uh.  No.  The anesthetic wore off.

Galvanizing is a good word.  Bracing, strident, invasive, gripping, exquisite, and insistent are also good adjectives. The primary noun being pain.

Injection was middle of the neck between C6 and c7.  Just goes to show you what I know about medicine!

So I’m going to just sit here quietly, not moving a bit.  If I have to I’ll breathe now and then but that’s the limit.  I put on my diapers so I won’t even have to get up – I’ll just “go” right where I am at.  Kind of like gaming at a LAN party.

Oh yes… The Dude sent me this… where are your taxes going?


Next are meat business cards… beef jerky is nice and all, but put mine on a smoked rib, thank you.


Welp, the next big pain in the neck is tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t rightly tell you what the procedure will be with any more detail.  I do know that the symptoms indicate c5 and c6 involvement and then add in whatever headache problems indicate.   Pain along the sides of the neck (I’m told) are great diagnostics for joint condition – actually are the only manual indicator of issues there.

CE- contrast

Ouchie - contrast material injected.

So the odds… out of four cervical epidural-type procedures, one was painful but bearable.  The other three were agonizing.  That means the odds of haing a painful day tomorrow are totally uncalculable.  Wouldn’t even hazard a guess.

Lots of really cool pictures here.  That is, they’re cool if it isn’t you they’re being done to.


Where do they find principals to do these dumb things?  Is it an accredited program, how to behave like an ass?  I don’t know, but there sure seem to be a high percentage of them.

Apparently a Scottish-ancestry boy is engaging in cross-dressing if he wears a kilt to school.  Oh yah, those highlanders are all evil sheephumping fags.  (note the dripping sarcasm, please)  What kind of moron couldn’t see that the kid handn’t done anything wrong?  Well this kind, of course…

Weber School District spokesman Nate Taggart says Craig Jessop has been asked to extend an apology to 14-year-old student Gavin McFarland of Hooper after the school official’s comments Wednesday.



What a bunch of racists over at Fox.

Three of the four Hubble spacewalks so far have been delayed by niggling problems, like stubborn bolts and objects that wouldn’t fit. A fifth and final spacewalk is set for Monday.

Did you see it?  Huh, did you?  It’s a story about the Hubble and they have to make it a racial thing.

Note:  If you couldn’t see that I was mocking the racial bedwetters then you need to find something more your speed, like Teletubbies.

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