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Ooooh. Ow.

The Dude, wondering what my pain level was, asked if it was an 8 on a regular scale or an XKCD scale.

I told him on the “compound fracture” scale, 8.  On the “slowly fed into a woodchipper”, yeah, probably a one.

Also, being an alert reader, he passed this on to me… (original source was The Patriot Post)

Which means these two are in serious trouble


Nearly 200mph electric motorcycle.  Be still, my beating heart.  (really)

Speaking of hot, Mitchell (Enas Yorl) passed the link to the new world’s hottest chilie.  Of course that title is sought after by different groups behaving like children in their competition antics so it’ll always be “up for debate”.  Like who cares if a chilie is off by 100,000 units either way once you get past 1 M-su’s?

And no, Enas, I haven’t tried the Ghost Chilies yet.  I’m thinking an orange roughy in a tamarind sauce would be a nice place for it.


ID10T Killer passed on the derriere collision with two jets youtube.

Ok, so now you idiots will sit down and put on your damned seat belts next time!


Wow, now Fukushima has detected Strontium!  Fire up the dairy and we’ll see what Sunny Strontium flavored ice cream tastes like.

They’re saying it is another Chernobyl.  I have no idea what that means.  Chernobyl looked bad and was worse.  This?  On the face of it, it doesn’t look like it can compare yet.

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Update: Holy sheep shi… stuff.  Down to -7.6F and still dropping… the night is still young.   Starting to really notice where the house has leaks.  If you come to SE Michigan, keep your brass monkey indoors.    01.16.09 – 00:22 hrs

Listening to my old Berlin album (Best of Berlin, actually) – The Masquerade, You Don’t Know, and Blowin’ Sky High cranked as loud as it’ll go (11).

-12.1F – 01:47 hrs   Damn.  Took Zoe out and both our noses froze shut.  She urinated and you could hear yellow ice as it hit the ground.

-16F – 07:30 hrs.  Absolutely OTT.

Since pants-wetters the world over have shrieked at every stiff wind or warm/muggy day and called them “evidence of global warming”, it is only fair to give them back some of their medicine.  Here I refute every claim they’ve ever made (infinity, infinity!) with just one data point.



Everybody has their price. Sad to say hers was monetary.

“Nevada has been out of step with the rest of the country for many years with regards to prostitution, and that’s why I think it’s important for federal prosecutors to look into this, so that Nevada does not dictate the morals and moral decency for the rest of the nation,” Staver told FOXNews.com.

Actually, Staver is just not very conversant with historical documents from the founding of this country… it’s the rest of the nation that is not supposed to dictate morals and moral decency for the state in question.


In our back yard, practically. Man falls off deck and freezes to death.

It is colder than a witch’s bits out there. It was -9F this morning. Yes, I know N. Dak., Montana, Wisconsin, and others routinely get worse, but that does not negate the fact that even our wimpy -9F is too damned cold for man or beast. I have icicles the size of my arm on the house (which I need to remove PDQ).

Damned Globular Worming… if it gets any warmer, I don’t know what I’ll do.

I rarely ever agree with Camille Paglia, but her response to the bottom-most letter… I can agree with her about the last sentences:

We should all be concerned about environmental despoliation and pollution, but the global warming crusade has become a hallucinatory cult. Until I see stronger evidence, I will continue to believe that climate change is primarily driven by solar phenomena and that it is normal for the earth to pass through major cooling and warming phases.

Also concerned about the cold, Zoe-pup was spayed (I call it “shoveled”) yesterday and it was hard seeing her slog through wickedly cold snow to do her business. It was even harder to stand out for the length of time it took her to find “The Mostest Perfectest Place to Take a Dump”.

Zoe, pre-shoveling (Zoe is the one with the fur, by the way)

While at the vet’s they put her on morphine (hey, getting shoveled is major surgery), and she did what is common for dogs on morphine and barfed.  Not too surprisingly canine addiction rates for morphine are very very low.  Cruel Wife saw the tech come out with a baggy of some stuff. Zoe had horked up most of a paper towel and two earplugs.

Gross, dog.


Now for some humor.

Some dudes at work were seriously creeped out by who I call the Chernobyl Hamsters – Cruel Wife hated them, too. Some say they are rats. Others say that they have only prime-numbered numbers of digits on each extremity.

Me, I thought they were a hoot.

WE LOVE THE SUBS!!! … Coz they are gooooood to uuuuuuuus…

Makes me laugh my ass off every time.

So does this – Verminus Dramatis:

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