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Fair warning – tonight my dialogue is all over the map in a rambling manner. 

I found a great Korean recipe site, maangchi.com.  I feel inspired to make something daring, something new, something fresh… well, perhaps not fresh, not anymore.  But tasty and well-preserved… yes, oh yes, most definitely.

ojingeo jeot is a dish made with squid.  You take your squid, salt it, and put it in a bin (sealed) in your fridge for not less than one month.   Now, I am showing you the two pictures below (the ones that you’ll find on Maangchi’s site), with the hopes that you’ll go over there and poke around.  Too many really good Korean flavors waiting to be experienced and if you don’t go you’ll miss them.

This is fermented squid.

Cruel Wife says she was torn by the kimchee that I was given us by my co-worker, Inscrutable Half-Breed†.  His mom is Korean (sorry, was – she grew up there and lives here now) and she is the real deal – she makes kimchee that I weep over.  Instead of ice cream in the middle of the night I have a big bowl of kimchee.   Anyway, Cruel Wife wanted to love it and she wanted to hate it when I made kimchee soup the other night, which is code-speak for “Yes, it is good, for kimchee, but culinarily speaking I am being brave by not running to the bathroom”.

† Note:  Inscrutable Half-Breed as a name does not offend my friend/co-worker of thirteen years – I easily refer to myself as Sour Kraut.  He knows I mock stereotypes and loathe the politically correct idiocy.  He’s half-Korean half-American and when he wants to mock the inscrutable stereotype he has a great scathing gaze.

Oh well, more for me.  The kids run screaming from the room.   Having my offspring run from the room at the mention of unusual foods is not my proudest moment but they are young and should be given some latitude.   In the last five days I personally have eaten roughly one gallon of Inscrutable Half-Breed’s mom’s kimchee, truth w/o exaggeration.  I had a two-cup helping of kimchi with a small bowl of rice and some blackened Tilapia for dinner tonight.

But I have the feeling that Cruel Wife will NOT try fermented squid.  To her, “fermenting” is too much like saying “rotting”.   Next up, is the pic of the ojingeo jeot after it has been mixed in with the pepper flakes, fish sauce, garlic, onions, sugar, sesame oil, etc.

Doesn't that look like the most awesome thing you have ever seen? THAT is fermented squid in chilies.

Apparently once you get it to this stage, it will last forever in your fridge (months and months).  People write in to Maangchi and the gal takes her time to write many kind and encouraging things like “The smell means it’s maximally nummers!”  or “Luck favors the brave!”  or  “Aw, go for broke!”   Well, she said none of those, exactly, but she does say a lot of encouraging things and asks her readers to please send her pictures of the goodies that people make there.

What is really cool is that this could serve as a starter for your kimchee or your kimchee could serve as a starter for your squid, and indeed some kimchee recipes involve fermented anchovies.  Probiotic cultures in your food is cool.  And tasty.  And I have to say, after talking with many fellow Americans, that this food is probably not for everyone (they keep making warding signs and sprinkling the places where I walk with salt).

As a side-note, I had Thai with The Dude last Thursday.  We ordered our usual dishes and asked them to kick them up to ten-stars (the heat scale on the menu goes to four-stars) per our customary heat levels.  We haven’t eaten there in a few months and oh how we suffered.  He wanted to do eight stars and I said “What?  You wuss.  TEN.  TEN stars.”  When we got our food we were dying and drinking water by the carafe.  I got back to work and talked with his wife and told her that because he was weak and unable to fight peer pressure it was his fault that we were both dying of internal injuries.

Moving right along…

One of my favorite snacks is roasted seaweed.  Sadly, I can count on one hand the people that want to have second helpings after trying some of my snacks.  Again, more for me.

Think of seaweed flavored cellophane. Tasty cellophane.

Another recipe of Maanchi’s that I want to try badly enough that it amounts to a burning sensation in my soul is her seasoned fried chicken (yangnyeom tongdak).  Here’s that pic to help sway you into going over there.  Now… go there… go there now.  Just GO.

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Update #2:

I am going up to the UofM’s Space Physics Research Laboratory in a few minutes to meet with the instrument crew (for FIPS, not the S/C crew) that I am honored to have gotten to work with.  It was a crazy crushing schedule to get it done on time but what an awesome crew up there.  It’ll be good to see some faces I haven’t seen in years.

MESSENGER will start it’s burn at 8:45pm for Mercury orbital insertion – a little over three hours from now.  It’s been flying since August 3, 2004 and will be there tonight!  Wahooooo!   Sigh.  This is like The Payout after waiting so very long.



Thank goodness they have come up with a way to utilize all that rotting zombie flesh rather than let it sit there and… uh… rot.

Zombie Jerky.     (h/t to colleague Inscrutable Half-Breed)

We should count our blessings that the folks at ThinkGeek are around, and are fixing global zombie waste in any manner possible.


What are you… chicken?

Remember not too long ago I put up a post about penalizing boys for being boys?  They had their own little Fight Club going.  And for being boys they were expelled post-haste.  Good riddance to bad rubbish!  P-tui!!

Now, two seniors in high school have been tarred and feathered.

“So we confessed. We told the truth. Now we’re getting charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, not allowed to go to prom, not allowed to go to graduation, and all that,” – Anthony Cesareo, hardened juvenile criminal

Wow.  So, you guys… what did you do to warrant this sort of punishment?  Did you sneak onto school grounds, get really drunk, and pee all over some pom-poms?

No?  You what?

You released a chicken into the school after hours?

Oh… multiple chickens. Chikii, or whatever.  Hey…!!

Ohmygawd – you BASTARDS!

Well, it is true, chickens are the gateway animal.  Before you know it they’ll have tried pigs or sheep in a social setting, then moved on to buffalo, and it’s not too much of a stretch to doing wildebeests or hippos in private, and selling their bodies for just one more marmot.

Police said…you getting this?   This is how it is written in the article… I, at least, am not making this up.

It may have been a joke to them, but police said it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt.

Yeah, you could peck and eye out with one of those things!

In the comments section of the article one commenter (a sharp one!) said:

Was that chicken registered? After all, criminals use chickens all the time when they hold up liquor stores… – Jonathan Grant

No, Grant, I bet none of them were registered.  They probably chicked and didn’t find a single serial number. – LK


I really MUST take exception with Reuters and this kind of photography in the wake of nuclear contamination fears in Japan.

That’s like interviewing kids about their closet-monster fears after scaring the living sh*t out of them the night before by creeping out of the closet wearing latex claws and an Obama mask.

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How could it be bad?

I can see an over-enthusiastic diner needing stitches in their lip from shoveling pizza into their face.


Turducken rears it’s fowl head again – ’tis the season.  The only way it could be better is if it were wrapped in bacon and cooked inside of a pig.

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A couple of chickens this determined to see to their own well-being deserve to live long and happy lives, then used to make chicken stock.  They certainly have more intestinal fortitude than a lot of people on the dole here in the US.

Thier reward for taking charge?  They should be allowed to live long and happy lives and then be made into chicken stock.


Go Earth!  Crush Mars!  Olympics 2010! (snorgtees.com)

Why am I exclamationizing everything?!!  No idea!  Maybe too many Red Bulls!

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The UN president has stated that the USA is… well, just read it:

The White House objected Thursday to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s description of the United States as a “deadbeat” donor to the world body.

We have given more money to more people all around the world for more years than any other nation or group of nations, and this little weasel calls us deadbeats? Remember the children’s story – the Little Red Chicken?


The USA - The Little Red White and Blue Chicken

We ought to start living it.


Ban Ki-Moon backpedaled a bit:

… [the US] generously supports the work of the U.N., both in assessed and voluntary contributions.

Here’s the problem though.  Your real thoughts are the ones you voice first.  Rarely do we mis-speak.  “Mis-speak” is a great excuse for those who can’t control their tongue.

The UN (and the world at large) is great at holding out their hands and somehow reconciling that with barely concealed contempt for the US.


Speaking of the world hating the US, here’s a wonderful sentiment on the Wired Blog from an article titled “U.S. Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq“.

gimpydwarf, I have been to Texas, where I have seen the headless corpses of men murdered because they were Black.
I have been to Wyoming and seen the crucified corpse of a man murdered because he was homosexual.
I have been to Iraq where I have seen the raped, murdered and incinerated corpse of a 14 year old girl raped, murdered and incinerated by a glorious US soldier (Private Green).
Where ever Americans go, murder is the result, and appears to be the only thing Americans are good at.

Hopefully Pakistan shoots down some of those ass—- americans drones in Pakistan.

Retarded —-ing hypocrit piece of sh– evil lying —-ed up worthless Americans.

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Will the person who did this pic step forward so I can buy him/her lunch?


This doesn’t strike me as a particularly brilliant terrorist. Fowl play, certainly, but still not very bright.

Conn. police find pipe bomb stuffed inside chicken

SIMSBURY, Conn. – Authorities in Connecticut are wondering who stuffed a raw roasting chicken with a pipe bomb and left it on a roadside.

Simsbury police Capt. Matthew Catania says a motorist noticed the chicken Friday morning. He says the bomb was large enough to harm a person if it went off.

The road was closed while the Hartford Police Department’s bomb squad came and blew up the chicken.

Nobody was injured. No arrests had been made Monday night.

Why’d they blow up the chicken? It was the pipe bomb that was dangerous. I mean, sans pipe bomb, I have never heard of a chicken spontaneously exploding. Helloooooo?

~~~~~~~~Warning: Justifiable Rant Ahead~~~~~~~~~~~~

And now for something that is going to…


On NPR (I listen to know mine enemy) I caught a blurblet from an interviewee talking about the issues with ISP’s blocking child pornography. Essentially what he said was:

  1. US ISP’s have not been blocking sites in say, Russia. I didn’t hear enough to know if that was an example or a true problem area
  2. In order to force them to do so will likely become a Supreme Court issue – because – “It’s a Freedom of Speech” issue (WTF???)
  3. France has beat us to the punch in telling ISP’s to block this vile filth. Got that? FRANCE beat us in “doing the right thing”. I’m ashamed.


This isn’t about free speech! It’s about enforcing laws in trafficking utter shit. In case anyone forgot (and sometimes I think most everyone has) “Freedom of Speech” meant freedom of POLITICAL SPEECH. It was meant so you would be able to speak freely for or against your government without fear of reprisals from your government, which was a big problem in England back then and still is in a lot of places. It was and is critical to the right of self-determination in a Representative Republic (remember, we’re not a democracy and never were – go look it up).

Pictures in this context are not “free speech”. Smut involving small innocent children is an atrocity and there ought not be a single soul that could argue for not blocking it.

I’m so irritated by those who twist the law to the utter last letter to get away with things that were clearly never intended in the first place. ARRRRRGH!

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Cindy Sheehan is filing to run against Nancy Pelosi!!!

I LOVE it when libtards try to eat each other.

And now, on to our regularly scheduled post…


At last, I have solved the ages old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I’m so happy I think I just wet myself.

By going to MorgueFile, I now have the answer. Ready everyone? Here it comes! Can’t you just taste the excitement? Oh you can cut it with a knife! It smells like… a dairy farm. Kind of like cow sh*t. Sorry, that’s just me. Here goes… ladies and gentlemen, the answer to the ages old question of which came first…

BBQ’d chicken. THEN comes the chicken, and lastly, the egg.

Yep, you heard that right. The Morgue File has solved this issue so we can all move on to better things, like why supermarket checkers are not allowed to beat people who wait until all groceries are bagged before hunting for their checkbooks with a look of surprise. Really, they ought to be able to take out a Louisville Slugger and do some stompin’.

But anyway, Kevin Connors over at MorgueFile was kind enough to give me permission to use his photo. At first the results for my visualization of socks on a chicken were pretty lame because I was using a mouse. But with the Wacom tablet, you can shade things and add shadows with unprecedented precision. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s not bad, either. (clickit)

Added the Punk Rock Chicken treatment because my daughter thought he needed some sprucing up.

But there you have it folks, SOCKS ON A CHICKEN, which is kind of what I think of this year’s presidential election BS.

– LK

Note: No cretinous check writers were harmed in the making of this post.

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