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My blog has been slow since I left/returned from vacation.  Either the hiatus busted the momentum thingy or something changed in my writing but hits are way down.

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you could have done something different, anything actually, and it might have been a better day?  You know… things like sell a kidney, win a free sandwich with the Subway instant-win game, gotten a pedicure, wormed the neighbor’s cat, jaywalked, made macaroni art…

It wasn’t a bad day, honest.  It was just a slow day after a week and a half of pressure to get some real-world data for a project, and today was flat.  Dull.  Listless.  It had all the excitement and spontaneity of a librarian convention in Nebraska.  It was like watching a 70’s gameshow re-run.

I did clean off a small corner of my desk though – which hasn’t happened in over a year – so I could put down a cup of coffee.  I actually scrubbed the surface a little bit with a napkin and some cold coffee.

I did find a really cool link.  Learned something.  Caught me off guard.  Like how to disguise an entire factory.

Deep pools are cool, too.

Some things however, have decreased the net value of my day.  Case in point – trash as art.

Negative?  Positive?  IMAGINARY?  You decide.  Loungin’ lizards.

Positive.  Definitely positive.  Positively alien but cool.  A city concept art piece. Project Indigo.

My God, the 70’s sucked.  This TV set just proves it.   As did BJ and the Bear.

Looks like when guns and pranks mix, someone is sleeping on the couch.

That’s it for tonight kids.  My clock done run down.  More tomorrow

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