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Update: Scientists don’t fudge data.  Climates fudge data.

Remember what I said about a climate-bedwetter echo chamber?  Many thanks to Peter Foster for saying out loud a lot of people were thinking:

… the lead author of the relevant IPCC chapter, Murari Lal, rejected the notion that the IPCC had screwed up. “The IPCC authors did exactly what was expected from them,” he said.

Never were truer words spoken. The IPCC’s task has always been not objectively to examine science but to make the case for man-made climate change by any means available.

You KNOW things are bad when THIS happens:

Even New Scientist, which printed the story on which this inverse pyramid of alarm was built, and which has traditionally been in the True Believing mainstream media camp, is demanding answers on how pure speculation could become an IPCC “finding,” which was then so vigorously defended by Dr. Pachauri.

New Scientist has been whoring for the AGW cause on a pro bono basis purely because it felt so good, never mind the inconvenient lies.

Update2: Chemical Ali executed.  About damn time.

Update3:  The CRU e:mails are in a nice searchable form here:  http://www.eastangliaemails.com/

Update4:  I’d think that the poor fish WANTS to be extinct.


Look at the picture.  Grok what you see.  Feel the sadness, the lameness, the ineptitude.  I don’t even need to comment further than to say that he’s speaking to a 6th grade class.


First ugly render!  I’m having to relearn Blender all over again.  Taking time just to do bevels and tapers, but I’m not displeased.  The handle and body will actually prove to be very difficult because of the lamb’s tongue type fluting I want to put on it.

(sigh) Might take some time.

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Climate *Change*

Climate change is such a bitch.  We dumped out all this CO2 and the world is freezing slowly, just like they said it would.

Earliest snow since 1898 in Boise, ID.

Note:  If you haven’t noticed by now, I mock Globular Worming idiots in any way I can.  Also noteworthy, when I make arguments the other way like in this post, I don’t believe that, either.  I think that anything we can possibly measure in our lifetime is statistically insignificant.  Show me a 150 year trend (at a minimum) and I might actually notice you.  Show me a 300-500 year trend and I’ll actually listen and give you a bit of my time.  Anything less and you’re wasting my time – except the time it takes to mock you.

The problem with noticing short trends, by the time you actually note that they are there, the trend has usually passed you by.  Like… OH!  Recent events???

More later…  I have guests coming.  A good guest.  A guy who kept me sane when I was loaned out for a space instrument project years ago.  A voice of calm and reason.   And he’s bringing sausages to grill so he’s got top billing today.

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