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Close shave.

Ok, yesterday I told y’all about the tornado going through Dexter, Michigan.

Today when I took my usual route home I realized that several huge trees (3-4 feet in diameter) were now down and several buildings were demolished.

Had I been just a few minutes behind in going home I would have had a tornado in my lap. I couldn’t hear the siren until opening my window so the reality is I couldn’t tell you if I opened my window just as they went off or if they had already been going. I do know that it had been sighted before I got into town because I heard it on the radio.

My co-worker (The Butcher of Lansing) saw it up close and way too personal. So he called me last night and was thankful to be safe/alive.

As I was just leaving work tonight I was stopped about ten or fifteen cars behind the light. I looked up in time to see a car hurtling towards me and making no attempt to slow down, going 40 to 50 mph. At one point, almost the point of no return, as I said “Awww, **** me…” and then the guy stood up in his seat, wrenched the wheel, and stomped his brakes, locked them up entirely. I turned left and goosed it as much as I could without hitting the guy in front of me. The guy behind me continued his skid and shot to my right and only when he completely passed me did he finally come to a stop. He skimmed by me by mere inches.

With my neck as it is and with no collar hitting me that fast could have very easily left me paralyzed. This would have sucked, as you can well imagine.

Once I found my heart (it leaped out of my chest, Alien-style) I called The Butcher and said, “You know how you called me yesterday, glad to be ok and alive? Well, about that…”

It would have been a life-changing event. I had time before the potential impact to think “OK, it just took five years to recover from the last one… Not again… Noooo.”

So I was happy to pick up the kids and go make dinner with my daughter.

My guardian angel is out getting hammered tonight, I’m sure.
My daughter, who is at this very moment making a “leprechaun trap”, says that I absolutely may not either BBQ or smoke any leprechaun that she may catch in the next 24 or so hours.

“No, Dad, you may not smoke a leprechaun – I want it for the gold!”

So it is apparently ok to mug one but not eat one. Bummer.

Speaking of Alien-style, Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons posted a great animated GIF… Alien vs. Predator.

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