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Blowing goats.

Yes, you heard me. This. Cold. Snap. Blows. Goats.

Could be worse, I know, but damn it is cold. Taking the trash down to the road reads like a Jack London story.

To impress the kids last night I ran barefoot out in the snow and did a Global Warming dance. At -18F it doesn’t take long to get cold.

Cruel Wife and Lemurita followed suit later on after a double-dog dare.

Cruel Wife and I recounted to the kids the Christmas We All Vomited Copiously (during dinner).

Lemurita got the virus first and passed it on to us.

So I said slyly, “Well you know Lemurita, that is why you have been grounded for years and will remain so until you are eighteen.”


“Oh yes. It is why you don’t have a cellphone. I imagine HackerBoy will get one next year.”

(Scream). “Daaaaa-aaaad!!!”

I looked at CW and said “I am a bad person, aren’t I?”

(She nodded emphatically as she checked her hearing on her right side.)

“No, seriously, Lemurita…. Do you really think I would be so rotten as to do that?”

She looked at me with a steely stare and said, “I wouldn’t have until you said that.”

My sister has been worried about Fukushima and what it will do to the Northwest.

To read a number of sources, the whole affair sounds like self-cooking shrimp and Fallout 4 and 5 will happen there.

So… I don’t think so. You can find a million billion jillion links out there that paint a conspiracy of isotopic lingering death spirals, but I just don’t buy it. Dilution, baby.

Cruel Wife says “No.”

I think this kind of decor would be cool.


This article has hogged a tag on my browser for some time. Time to clear it out.

Seriously, is the “EM messes with life’s karma, dude” refrain ever going to go away?

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I defy you to tell a tale that rings the belltower of truth quite this sharply.

New York firefighters removed about a dozen gasoline cans and six generators from Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street protesters have camped for almost six weeks, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.


The equipment, which helped power computers and mobile phones and keep people warm as temperatures dipped near freezing, are safety hazards and illegal, Bloomberg said. Forecasts call for rain and snow in the metropolitan area tomorrow.

“Our first two concerns are First Amendment and safety, and this was safety,” Bloomberg said. “People were courteous and understanding. The story of this morning is that there was no story.”


Mark Bray, a spokesman for the group, said the action was “a pretext to make the protest less sustainable and more difficult for us.” Occupiers have about 14 fire extinguishers, he said.

Is this really so hard to believe?

Here we have a person who is so convinced by his own self-righteousness that he feels that the world owes him the favor of being a disruptive ass. Freedom of speech probably does cover congregating in a particular spot for months on end but not at the expense of others. As long as the protesters congregate in one place it is a higher risk area because of the possibility of a crazy extremist from either side, and the police don’t get to just ignore this – they have to be on alert to protect either the pinko limp-wrist misanthropes or the law-abiding citizens that would like their park back.

The underlying message from the protester is this: If we want to protest you should do everything within your power to make it sustainable and non-difficult. You would think this guy breast-fed until he was seven years old.


I like cracked.com (do read that link, it’s funny) – it does hit and miss sometimes but mostly is a hit. Check out this link – I mean read the actual link, but don’t click on it. I intentionally put the space in after the “http:” just so the browsers wouldn’t ID that as a link and so click-monkeys wouldn’t click on it reflexively and spoil my point.

http: //www.cracked.com/article_18845_6-secret-monopolies-you-didnt-know-run-world.html

I thought it was irony (yes, that word that I hate to see mangled so often) when I saw this:

Internal Server Error – Read

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Reference #3.1d631060.1319840609.16b96974

Proof that They are controlling the world and want you to be clueless! I’d like to think that the Lemurati pulled at least a few strings but alas, they never called me up to see if I was interested in participating in their little club.

I wonder what insights our Russian troll would have on this matter.

Note: I am fully aware that by the time you read this that link may be repaired.

But here’s a few links that are good, at least as of 2 minutes ago.


But on the “I’m a lover, not a fighter” side… it gets creepy.


Where I come from this next one is lumped in with “stalking”.

A check? No one takes checks anymore. And swiping a debit card for kisses is stupid like socks on a chicken.

Then I read the last one, below, which kind of made me shudder because of the weirdness.

And for grins, who can resist reading an XKCD comic?

Creepy Jealousy

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Is it Chilly in Here?

Enacting a fight in front of a police office in order to create a “teachable moment”?

If that isn’t one of the more crass things I’ve heard of in a long time I don’t know what is.  It ought to be handled on the same level as filing a fraudulent police report at the least.

I’m sorry but this does fall under “racism” because it presumes a certain behavior based on skin color, which exactly falls under one of the issues that the civil rights movement was supposed to help alleviate.

Steams my clams.  The “test” was a no-win situation for the officer.  He could be accused of using too much force, too little force, or inappropriate response.  Talk about a “loaded” situation.


Last post generated some interesting comments based on a soundtrack to a movie that I found.

The Jackal (with Bruce Willis playing The Jackal).

It prompted the coldest lines I have yet to hear in a movie.

The Jackal: Ooh, that’s bad. The blood’s almost black, that means the bullet’s in your liver. You have about 20 minutes to live. If the pain gets to be too much, you can take your hand away. Then you’ll be dead in 5 minutes.

Valentina Koslova: When Declan kills you, you think of me, OK.

The Jackal: OK. I’ll make a note of that.

[grabs her head]

The Jackal: If you see Declan before you die, you tell him that he can’t protect his women.

Got any colder ones?  Love to hear ’em.

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… and I said this to my wife in that cringing “please don’t hurt me” tone of voice. Of course I hadn’t shown her the magazine or the picture yet.

Her response was a frosty “Only if I meet her first.”

The woman can put 5 out of 6 shots with a .357 Highwayman into the forehead of a target, so the only thing I could really leave her for is an inanimate object, like so:


Springfield XD Guns and Ammo Review

Said inanimate object would be in the .40 cal range. Features I like:

  • trigger safety and grip safety
  • loaded chamber indicator on the slide
  • simplicity
  • as near as I can tell, it will accept fiberoptic sights (SigSauer has some I was drooling over, here: TruGlo Brite-Site Sight Set

The Sig P229 is a fairly sexy looking handgun as well, and if anyone has handled the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle (AKA Jericho 941) in the .40 S&W please let me know: MRI Baby Eagle


A little update from Michigan:

Damned Global Warming.

It is 7 4 1 0 -1 -3 degrees out, –45 30 mph wind, and our heater control board died (sort of). So every 15 minutes we get up and nudge the digital controller up/down in order to fool the control board on the furnace to light up again. We go from 72 degrees down to 65 in very little time in this kind of weather. Luckily it hasn’t gotten cold yet and you can still wear shorts outside.

Enough for now – Work is calling to me. The sound is unpleasant (like the sound of chewing dusty broken glass) but I must obey.

Cheers –


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