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Update v0.2…

I want to say something… the notion “healthcare is not a right. Its a privilege” is still dead dead wrong.

Health care is not a right, healthcare is not a privelege, healthcare is a SERVICE that you pay someone to render to you.   I pay someone to tune up my car, put roofing on my house, or neuter my dog.  I pay another type of professional to fix my broken bones, stitch me up, prescribe medicines that can help me get well.  It is a monetary transaction for services rendered.  I don’t know where this “rights” and “privelege” crap came from but it’s a load of horseshit.


I opted to keep it simple.  I know I had all thse things I was going to add but ultimately it ended up feeling crowded and made the image messy.

It has a LOT of tweaks to go but I’m kind of interested in getting the MimeSweeper going.  Lots of demand for less mime damage to the environment and the structure of society.

This is a layout prelim image - it WILL look better and the lines are all yucky-awful only temporarily. Trust me.

It is rough, it is too dark, it is busy-crowded, but darn if I don’t think it’s got good potential.

published on FOX’s “Speaker’s Lobby” was this snippet of tripe:

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) echoed the demands of Tea Party protesters assembled outside the Capitol building Saturday afternoon, but he had a different audience in mind: Tea Party protesters. “One of the chants is ‘Read the bill! Read the bill!’ We’re here to say the Tea Party should read the bill too,” said the congressman.

To Inslee:  Never doubt for a second that we wouldn’t – IF WE COULD.  The secrecy, the lack of details, and the rush to do something damaging in a hurry has kind of put that out of reach.  Arsewipe.


cbullitt’s suggestion (Soylent Green) to change the MimeSweeper advert line to “The Mimesweeper: You Can’t Even Hear Them Scream.” is a stroke of genius.  He’s got some minor troll infestation going on so if you want to get in on the sighting of an immature troll in the wild, hop on by.   It seems to have cleared itself up.  A troll at cbullitts is kind of like an e Coli bacterium in a tub of hot brine.  Sure they get in but they don’t thrive or even survive well there.

The mimesweeper will be a handgun with an underbarrel mounted flamethrower and side-by-side Tesla Spikes, the ammo is incindiery, and it fires two auxilliary cables with spikes to aid in running the current to the mime’s Nervous System.

Fun for the whole family!

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At some point when I wasn’t looking this blog passed it’s 100,000 mark, which isn’t nothin’ to folks like over at Soylent or Asshats, but I’m not unhappy about it.  If I had to make a wild guess it was Aggie who crossed the line.

Moving on… Obama says we’re going to get our health care bill (not vote, not pass… it’ll just arrive somehow) and then they’ll post the information so we can all know what is in i t.

For the millionth time:  I don’t feel comfortable buying a house that I’ve never seen.  I don’t buy cars that I’ve never seen.  I don’t even buy a friggin’ t-shirt that I’ve never seen yet the tyrants in Congress made up mostly by the Democratic Party are going to see to it that I do.  And this will cost oh-so-much more than a t-shirt.  Why should I quietly sit back and let Congress vote in a health care bill that they won’t tell me about, and indeed we have no way of knowing what is in it, much less whether the House and Senate versions match word-for-word?

Mr. Obama’s response [to Brett Baier’s question]: “By the time the vote has taken place, not only will I know what’s in it, you’ll know what’s in it, because it’s going to be posted and everybody’s going to be able to evaluate it on the merits.”

Except it’s not going to be voted on… it’ll be “deemed and passed”.

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat, defends tying the health care bills together. “There’s no way in the world we’d do anything unconstitutional,” she said. (Associated Press)

I’m mortally insulted that she feels I’m stupid enough to take her word (and ANY politician’s word) at that.


Steampunk Corset – simple idea, right?  That’s about all it is.

I don't like it. I need to start over on the darkness of the lines and the background.

But I had another idea for a Steampunk poster.  A many barrelled blunderbuss type gun called The Mimesweeper, featuring subsonic loads to silently take mimes out.  You can’t even hear them scream.  And the poster should have this faded image of a mime with his eyes wide open in utter terror just for that little something.  And then at the bottom, the gun mfr offers upgrades for every ten mime scalps you bring in.

I’d buy one.


The doc’s PA agrees, the sudden dramatic spike in pain is the nerves going nuts just before they die.  Too badk I’m sticking to this week to wean off the meds.  I’m way too tired of being doped up.  Grinding my teeth down at the moment but another two days of this, three tops, and I should be out of it.  Yahoo.

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I’m being tested.

I started tapering off the narcotics again this week because it makes life hard at work and it also destroys any creative drive in art.  That is a real bummer for me.

I’m choosing between fogged with pain vs. fogged with painkillers.  Fogged with pain just makes you cranky (like anyone could tell the difference) and fogged with drugs just makes you a drone.

But tonight, two vicodin didn’t even touch the neck/headache.  It leads me to believe that the nerves burned out several weeks ago are dying in earnest, finally.  Really it is the ends of the nerves that are finally giving up.

How shall I put this?  I don’t know what it is like for anyone else nor do I care, because for me – this is a damn painful thing.  I’d rather compound fracture my arm again.  When ice, heat, and drugs don’t fix the problem, it is reasonably awful bad.  A few more days of this and it should be over.

Click to embiggenify. Or rub it.

I’ve done very little tonight.  Tried two pistons and found that they interfere and went back to one.  Crossed the attachment points over the center per Enas’ suggestion, and incorporated cam-levers into the front of the corset to allow it to be initially cinched prior to steam/mechanical assist.

Tomorrow I’ll start adding in text, additional illustration touches, grunge, etc.  It’ll look a bit more colorful.  But for now – I’m off to see if I can sleep the worst of this off.


This here is what we call a Grade-A Prime Weirdo.

Man, I tell you – searching for corset stuff sure takes you to some weird places.

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Who Knew?

I have been working on a female counterpart to the Steam Sheathe graphic, and the current work is one of a steam and gear-driven corset.

Aggie Sith breathlessly suggests that this be made more than the sum of it’s parts – gears, piston, steel cables, and anchor points – yes, she wants lacy frilly stuff which as a man I know nothing of.  Men don’t notice frilly stuff – we notice what is in frilly stuff.

Let us be perfectly clear – there will be no bodice-ripping here.  Not with 1/8″ thick steel cables in a network across a woven mesh corset.

While on this journey I ran across a website which I shall not name until I go through it enough that I know that I’m not advocating something I think is too damn bizarre.

But one spot I did find on it has a Master-Class Pole Dancing Competition, which I link from YouTube for your amazement.


You know, if a man called a meeting like this to talk about… say… the legal system skewed against the father in divorce courts, women would have screamed for his balls on a platter.  I am curious as to why the author  and the editor at Roll Call felt this was not a remarkable point to make.

Pelosi Calls All Female Democratic Members Into Meeting

By Jennifer Bendery
Roll Call Staff
March 16, 2010, 7:02 p.m.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asking all female Democratic Members to attend a hastily called meeting Wednesday morning but isn’t saying what the meeting is about.

Pelosi’s office sent an e-mail out Tuesday evening requesting that all female Democrats come to the Members-only meeting at 10 a.m.

An aide to one Democratic Member said Pelosi’s office said the topic of the meeting was “to be determined.”

The meeting comes as Democratic leaders enter the final stretch of health care reform — and as they scramble to address fractures in their Caucus over abortion and immigration provisions in the bill.

Weren’t “good old boy” meetings fiercely and bitterly waged war against by feminists everywhere not too long ago?

Oh, but like minorities, it’s ok for us to have exceptions.

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