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Creepy Tuesday.

All righty, campers!

Here is the first weirdness of the day. Fashion meets dead.

Creepy #2… How they keep manufacturing links to BPA hoping something will eventually resonate with enough people that they force a stop to it. It probably causes gout and ingrown toenails and as of yet they have not proved at BPA doesn’t cause MS.

Creepy #3… Matthews and Morgan. Two fruitcakes worshipping a nut job.


Creepy #4… Weird hat.


For a nize hat, go here

To offset the creepy, have a camel eating a small child.


Not creepy. Kudos to her for sticking by what she said. You can’t argue with safety and gun control isn’t going to happen in the US (I am emphasizing that part).

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Just in Time

Was over at McGoo’s, where he tipped his readers off to Drew Dewalt and his mini-horror short movies – hats off to Dewalt, who has risen in my estimation as one hell of a good spooky movie storyteller.

This stuff is online and there’s a score of episodes to Camera Obscura, all anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes long each, but oh my goodness they are packed.

Good God, McGoo… what awesometastic timing.  Halloween got a kick in the pants after many years and thousands of crappy movies kicking it in the nuts.


Update to that Camera Obscura thing… the ending could have been done better but I’m not sure how, exactly.  It just seemed really brief.  But overall it was most excellent.

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