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In a move that is sure to be successful –

At least 30 cities are expected to announce Monday that they are joining an unorthodox crime-fighting program that relies on persuasion, rather than arrests, to cut down on criminal behavior.

The initiative, run by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, targets violent crime and open-air drug markets that are the scourge of some communities. The program is potentially controversial because it involves not prosecuting known offenders if they agree to quit their criminal activities.  – WSJ

And three strikes is supposed to be valuable, so why not this?

God, it sounds like Jimmy Carter talking with Hamas and Hezbollah, while assuring Israel and the world that it’ll be ok.

Anyone care to take bets on the success of the whole enterprise?


Speaking of Carter – King Buttmunch himself popped up in the news.

Carter warns of US-Israel collision course.

Pretty safe to say that Carter will always side with the likes of Arafat and his ilk.  I know he’ll never shut up, but it’d be nice if the US didn’t give him as much traction abroad, especially since he never seems to tire of working at cross-purposes in the name of the US.


I don’t know what to say.  Perhaps:  🙂


I think I’m more for this one though…


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