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I’m sitting there reading the headlines as I surfed and finding articles like “OBAMA OPEN TO NEWSPAPER BAILOUT BILL...” and “OBAMA PUSH FOR 'WORLD' REGULATIONS... ” and “ACORN CEO ‘Outraged’ by Behavior of Employees in Prostitute Tapes”.  Yeah yeah yeah… blah blah blah.

And then I run across this one:

Scientists make paralysed rats run again…

This is HORRIBLE! These poor little murines are paralyzed for Pete’s sake, and they are sitting there whipping them to make them run?

Seriously, this is way way cool.

Paralysed rats whose spinal cords had been severed from their brains were made to run again using a technique that scientists say can work for people, according to a study released Sunday.


When are the libs going to learn that just throwing money around doesn’t fix a thing?

“It was probably, in the end, a complete waste of taxpayer money,’’ said John Wolkonowicz, a senior auto analyst at IHS Global Insight, Lexington forecasting firm. “The dealers, who were supposed to be the primary beneficiaries, many were forced into cash flow problems because the government didn’t pay them in a timely fashion.’’


Naked 91 year old man… you do what you gotta do, I guess.  Whatever else you want to say about the unusual circumstances, holding an intruder at gunpoint while naked shows some balls.

Authorities say a 91-year-old man in South Florida jumped out out of bed naked and held an intruder breaking into his house at gunpoint until deputies arrived.


You mean sun activity can be related to our weather and temperatures?  No.  Way.  Get out!


Perry said there is anecdotal evidence the Earth’s temperature may be slightly decreasing, but local weather patterns are much more affected by the jet stream than solar activity.

However, Perry said snow in Buenos Aires and southern Africa, the best ski season in Australia and a cooler Arctic region are some of the anecdotal evidence for a cooling period.

So, Perry said, sunspots may have a far greater impact on weather than previously thought.

Huh.  So sunspots could have a greater (far) effect on weather than previously thought. Not so fast… Global warming is still man-made even though the cooling was sun-caused.  Trust us, we know everything about the weather.

Feddema said the warming trend earlier in the century could be attributed to anything from solar activity to El Ninos. But since the mid 1980s he believes data doesn’t correlate well with solar activity, but does correlate well with rising CO2 levels.

Feddema believes we may hit global high temperatures in a few years with the underlying factor being rising CO2 levels, coupled with the solar cycle returning to a maximum and an El Nino.


Oh yes, more of your freedom is going bye-bye… thanks Matt Drudge for posting this stuff.  Just more ways for the gov’t to control everything you see and do.  Soma, anyone?

FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality'...

'Bold Move'...

New rules governing network management...

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