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Ho Ho. Ho.

It is the craziest time of year again.

The Dude sent me some pics.

This is what it seemed like at home some Christmases. Well, ok, most of them. But it takes home the win for the “Cthulhu Tannenbaum” category.


Nothing says “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” like a bacon tree. Nothing. Feel the love.

What did Cruel Wife get me?

Well… A shirt that made my day.


Then, the crowning touch. She took a picture of the group I worked on our part of MESSENGER with, and matted/framed it with some MESSENGER commemorative postage stamps. It is beautiful. The frame is awesome, the matting is sublime, the color choices were phenomenal.

I did smoosh out the lab logo in case they want to never be linked to me again. Perhaps salt the earth where I walked. I have had that effect on folks.

My gift to Cruel Wife… Another frog!


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A week ago I went with a friend to “be there” while she got a real diagnosis on some skin cancer that has, uh… gone beyond.

It wasn’t pleasant but the news that there is a 70-80% chance that it hasn’t gone on a jaunt through her body is better than we envisioned prior to going in there.  It seemed quite grim before.  So there is a chance.

Add to that the shoulder MRI and cortisone shot and lots of work hours and I’ve been a bit waterlogged.

But I could be worse!

I have a stark bat-crap crazy co-worker who is such an illogical emotional flaming liberal that he actually annoys me.  I found this somewhere – I’ll dig it up first chance I get – and it just FITS…  He does this almost daily, sometimes baiting me just so he can pull what we now at work refer to as a Papa Foxtrot (Poo Flinging).


Alert reader The Dude has kept me fed with lots of images gathered from God only knows where.


My favorite because it has attitude.


This snail has ambition. Hard to knock snails with ambition.


This is why fathers protect their daughters.




This dispenser would be empty far more than the regular scotch tape and that only lasts hours.

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Saw the physician’s assistant today.  She knows more than a lot of doctors, frankly.

She said “How is it going?”  I told her I was of two minds… one was to kiss her feet for the escape from the headache, and secondly that what they told me before/after the procedure was “it’s a lot like a bad sunburn”.  I told her this was utter horsecrap – more like peeling a hangnail until it reaches your wrist.  She said every single person is different.  I related the five days including and leading up to Sunday – Pain City.  She said that is how they go.

Yes, nerves die in a blaze of glory – they grow shriller and louder by turns, eventually shattering the glass in the cathedral of the soul with reverberations from the abyss – the howls and growls of long-forgotten distant beings that reach out and hunger for your very substance.  Then they die.

Which is what happened Sunday night.

Which I might add, has yet to happen in two spots on my neck.  Nyarlathotep down, Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu to go.

Next Thursday I do the other side.  Kill ’em all – three of them, anyway – and let the bod sort them out.

The PA has noted by my much scaled-back painkiller use in the last few days and “gets it” that I’m not looking for drugs and decided that they would try to do better by me this next procedure and up the dose so I’m not suffering.

In fact, I’m truly enjoying clarity of mind but my body is saying it wants more – gotta love physical dependence.  (sigh) This too shall pass.  Clarity of mind – when was the last time you heard me try a Lovecraft riff?

I’m told that this will come  back – that they just don’t know how long.  In the meantime, there is a chance I might be back on my bicycle this fall even if for a short duration.

I can live with that.


Eighteen different kinds of wrong.


At the National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson has a great op-ed on what has gone wrong with Obama’s presidency.  The shorter list is what has gone right.


A gentleman named “Bennett” left me a nice comment:

Hi Cheese – milk’s leap toward immortality.
I am from Niger and learning to speak English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Enriched with vitamin a, c, and e, dr.”

Waiting for a reply :-) , Bennett.

Culturally speaking  this is a gold-mine of information.  Who knew that Niger-folk used “Cheese” as a personal pronoun in a salutation?  I usually just say “Dude”.  And that he’d share with me, a total stranger, his progress on both the english language and the food pyramid.

Since the world is so full of nice people I think I’ll support Obama more, and his health care, and let people standing on the corners begging for money just borrow my credit card, because the world is such a kind place and I can help make it kinder – he’s sure to bring it back the next day.

So… so what if the deficit will be 9 trillion dollars over ten years?  Obama knows what he’s saying when he says that that is just proof that we need to pass health care reform.

You should join me in listening to those who know more than us.

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