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Update 2:  My apologies.  Links that should have been there were not there.  I could have sworn I added them but must not have.  So sorry.

Update:  Texas lawmaker in trouble for berating witness who has been here since 1988 for testifying in spanish as opposed to speaking in english.

Good for him.  He’ll be crucified for it but good for him.


First things first… Guy S. contributed a machete pic for Aggie’s approval.  I like it because it says in an understated way that “There’s killin’ to be done but there’s no need to make it a drab affair.”  I’m talking removal of rattlers and vermin, of course, as well as the brush and foliage around the homestead.  Nothin’ says “I care” quite like a Smurf Machete.

More coming in this very post soon… work in progress.  I will say that the backhoe with a Pretty Pony tail thing is on hold.  Good tail is hard to find.


This is flat-out the ballsiest person on the planet, the craziest biatch, or the stupidest.  My personal jury is still out on this one.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004042/Naked-female-scientist-tries-tame-beluga-whales-arctic.html    Swimming in the suit God gave you and just jumping in -2C water for 10 minutes.   Seek and ye shall find a woman in incredibly harsh conditions  – scary.

I’m off for tonight – the meds wombigate my typing ablity.


Here’s a tool.  A hooter’s lady who says:

Meyer says she also has a “geeky” side and is an avid Star Wars fan who would love to work for NASA as an astronaut. She also volunteers with the Red Cross and the Women’s Shelter and Help Center.

Most astronaut  candidates have gone a significantly  different route to become on, generally eschewing the rout that makes market flesh out of you.

Not everyone who wants to be an astronaut gets to become one.


Then  you have cats who were Roman Commanders… and I strangely just want to run away very quickly.

Note:  Apologies… that link wasn’t there.  Now it is.  I could have sworn I cut/pasted it in before updating.

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