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I am working on Installment #2 of the short story.  It is nearly ready to go but I expect to have it posted on Saturday.


veeshir at DPUD posted a thing of beauty.  If only I wasn’t engaged in retaliatory boycotting, I would post this link to his post so you could see the shiny-shiny toy.  How could you not love a brassy replica of the .45-70 Bulldog Gatling Gun?  Damn you, veeshir, for boycotting this blog and forcing me to repay in kind, for you have cheated visitors here of the opportunity to see it.


I’ve got the strongest feeling of Vuja De – or as George Carlin put it “The feeling you’ve never been anywhere quite the @)$# like this before.”

Listen, we have Obama, one of the limpest phalluses since Jimmy Carter and the current lineup of Republicans is the best we can do?

We have Mittens the Socialist and Newt the Philanderer to choose from when looking for a candidate to go up against Obama the Limp Marxist?  Why the hell does this read like a reality show script?

I will agree with Newt on one point, as he put it in tonight’s debate:

“To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine,” Gingrich told King, the moderator of the debate.

It’s high time we started stomping on the media for trying to screw every single front-runner candidate by “debating”whether or not to air sensitive things and doing it anyway regardless.  If it is an issue, raise it right away, don’t try to time it to be damaging for @)$#’s sake.

I’m not suggesting that candidates be given a free pass, but I am more than tired of the media trying to harpoon candidates that they clearly don’t agree with ideologically.

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