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Veeshir, of DPUD, who has studiously boycotted me for what seems like years, blogged about an attention whore.   The guy gets college credit for it.  It’s like a PhD in Ego Whoring.

Whatever is his thesis work, a big steaming pile of poo?

I couldn’t help but comment over there on veeshir’s post.

“I’m like a celebrity back home,” Perkins said.

Damn, what an annoying self-centered little attention-whore man-child celebritard† he is.

I heard today from somewhere that the idiots were vandalizing and threatening businesses for not giving them free food.  Seriously?

It’s so sad that they’ve finally sunk to the level of the Tea Party folks, isn’t it? I mean, when you spiral down to the point where you can’t be distinguished from a Tea Party rabble-rouser, why… f*** me sideways, that is off the rails.  Note the heavy sarcasm.  Like neutronium level heavy.  Sarconium‡, if you like.

† Celebritard (sel-leh-brih-TARD):  n.

  1. A celebrity whose only real claim to fame is being a complete and total retard
  2. A celebrity who by virtue of being an asshole is sensational


‡ Sarconium (sar-CONE-nee-um):  n.

  1. Sarcasm so heavy that it is really really dense and painful to be on the receiving end of unless you are a Celebritard†

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Well, that didn’t really happen, but THIS did.

Authorities said a woman entered the Amherst County courthouse this morning with a tiny monkey tucked into her bra, dressed in diapers and a white dress with pink flowers.

The dress was special made.

One official asked why the woman had the monkey in her bra and quoted her as saying, “Well, would you leave your child at home? She has to be close to me.”

Asked who let the monkey through the metal detector, a deputy quipped: “It wasn’t armed.”

Well, uh… I guess he’s got a point.  An armless monkey probably can’t hurt much unless it bites someone.  Doesn’t make sense how the dress stayed on, however.


Yes, his priorities have stayed the same – they are all orbiting his ego.

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