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Cruel Wife Update

Ok, so she burned her hand last night with molten sugar.

No big deal, right?  Other than finally falling asleep at 3am with her hand in a glass of ice water in the pulled-out drawer of her nightstand, no, no big deal.

This morning her paw was feeling pretty good sort of decent so she decided to put on makeup for work.

She sharpened the eye-liner so it’d be easier to put on with the burned right hand.

And promptly slipped and stabbed herself in the eye.

I swear, we’re going to have to put a padded helmet on her, protective eyewear, oven mitts, and corks on the tines of her forks to protect her from herself.  She’s not allowed to call me a klutz anymore.

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Update #2:

I am going up to the UofM’s Space Physics Research Laboratory in a few minutes to meet with the instrument crew (for FIPS, not the S/C crew) that I am honored to have gotten to work with.  It was a crazy crushing schedule to get it done on time but what an awesome crew up there.  It’ll be good to see some faces I haven’t seen in years.

MESSENGER will start it’s burn at 8:45pm for Mercury orbital insertion – a little over three hours from now.  It’s been flying since August 3, 2004 and will be there tonight!  Wahooooo!   Sigh.  This is like The Payout after waiting so very long.



Thank goodness they have come up with a way to utilize all that rotting zombie flesh rather than let it sit there and… uh… rot.

Zombie Jerky.     (h/t to colleague Inscrutable Half-Breed)

We should count our blessings that the folks at ThinkGeek are around, and are fixing global zombie waste in any manner possible.


What are you… chicken?

Remember not too long ago I put up a post about penalizing boys for being boys?  They had their own little Fight Club going.  And for being boys they were expelled post-haste.  Good riddance to bad rubbish!  P-tui!!

Now, two seniors in high school have been tarred and feathered.

“So we confessed. We told the truth. Now we’re getting charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, not allowed to go to prom, not allowed to go to graduation, and all that,” – Anthony Cesareo, hardened juvenile criminal

Wow.  So, you guys… what did you do to warrant this sort of punishment?  Did you sneak onto school grounds, get really drunk, and pee all over some pom-poms?

No?  You what?

You released a chicken into the school after hours?

Oh… multiple chickens. Chikii, or whatever.  Hey…!!

Ohmygawd – you BASTARDS!

Well, it is true, chickens are the gateway animal.  Before you know it they’ll have tried pigs or sheep in a social setting, then moved on to buffalo, and it’s not too much of a stretch to doing wildebeests or hippos in private, and selling their bodies for just one more marmot.

Police said…you getting this?   This is how it is written in the article… I, at least, am not making this up.

It may have been a joke to them, but police said it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt.

Yeah, you could peck and eye out with one of those things!

In the comments section of the article one commenter (a sharp one!) said:

Was that chicken registered? After all, criminals use chickens all the time when they hold up liquor stores… – Jonathan Grant

No, Grant, I bet none of them were registered.  They probably chicked and didn’t find a single serial number. – LK


I really MUST take exception with Reuters and this kind of photography in the wake of nuclear contamination fears in Japan.

That’s like interviewing kids about their closet-monster fears after scaring the living sh*t out of them the night before by creeping out of the closet wearing latex claws and an Obama mask.

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