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I sense that there is some love of things USB. Ok, the grill was OTT (Over The Top, and as it turns out, thanks to a vigilant reader… BOGUS) Now look at what can be found in the nether regions of the web. And I’m not just talking anywhere, we’re talking nether regions. Lowest common denominator on some, cool stuff on others, but none of which the world would miss if they disappeared. At least I think so.

What can you say to this? What can you add to improve it? Nothing. It is perfect for what it is suited for. (IMHO, not much.)

USB Pole Dancer

Another item that I desperately want to hate, but am in lust with it. It holds one normal-sized can of pop.

USB Fridge

We are talking epitome of Japanese design, if I understand it right. It creeps me out.

USB Food Hub

Text from the Website: Weirdo Japanese company Solid Alliance is no stranger to weird USB gadgets, but this USB FoodHub is the best thing they’ve ever done. By far.

If you take a close look, you’ll see that the rice is a 4-port USB 2.0 hub, and the four other things (pudding, chicken, and two bits of seafood) are USB sticks. Together, they form something so awesome that the USDA changed its name to the United States Department of Awesome just to regulate the import and export of it.

The USB Humping Dog unit should make whining and panting noises as it transfers data (ok, that was bad). And yes, it does rob us of whatever dignity we still had intact after the pole dancer. Imagine you have this and your mom comes in and sees a pooch humping your port. Get the idea?

USB Humping Dog

Typing “Aid” (my fuzzy ass) This would last about 10 minutes before I took it out back, taped it to a cinderblock wall with duct tape, and ran into it repeatedly with my bumper.

Adult Content Warning!!! I include it to show you just how bizarre the world of USB toys has gotten.

No pictures will be shown. Follow the link if you want to but I ain’t posting it.
Extremely Adult


Anyone have a preference between these next two versions? Meant to be viewed at larger size because at smaller size the blade tips on the circular saw blade don’t show up well. (click on them – same with the bear)

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