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Outside of where I grew up was the Bohemia Mountains.  The place was lousy with gold mines.  Two notables were the Champion Mine and the Noonday mine.   All manner of placer claims on the streams in the area as well with people to this day sifting them for gold.

The area was a good place to get firewood and dad and I would drive all the way out there and collect wood for the next winter.

He’d sometimes take me up to the mining site and we’d walk up to the mine – we didn’t go far in because he said it was dangerous.  And even as a kid I believed him.  You get just so close to a hole like that and it goes off into the black of nothing and you get this feeling.  Waves of ancient-ness radiate off of the very walls.  And they dynamited them shut after years of people getting in trouble.

But this guy went into a mine in Nevada and went a mite too far.

I just know it was killing the search and rescue folks to have to leave him there but what else could they do?

Rescuers have called off attempts to save a man who fell into an abandoned mine shaft, despite video footage showing he was still breathing.

The 28-year-old man fell 190ft into part of Murphy’s Mine Complex in Jersey Valley, Nevada, on Wednesday.

I haven’t made much mention of the event but a very good friend closed down his blog last week.   You might know him – Steamboat McGoo from Aardvarks and Asshats – he reached the “crazy colorful favorite uncle” status with me years ago. And judging by the awesome responses to his last post he did what he set out to do, which was to entertain and cause many people to spray keyboards and monitors with lots of various liquids meant for drinking.  A lot of very nice people in my estimation.
Note:  I compare people to dogs and the archetypes in my family.  A co-worker of mine – my choice of stage name for him is a great exemplar – Black Lab on Amphetamines.
“Crazy colorful uncle” – almost everyone has one – is the one that kids of all ages gravitate to because he’s got interesting stories, funny jokes, and cares what a kid thinks, listening to them rather than waiting for them to stop talking so he can say something.  Not saying he was like an uncle to me, mind you.  Saying that he always made me smile and laugh like that uncle.  Big difference!

Anyhow, in his last blog-posting he said his health hasn’t been the best and he decided it would be better if he took it easier on himself – my paraphrasing, go to A&A for the actual wording.  And I understand that completely.

I think Brrrt needed more spoiling than he was getting, too.  Poor cat was only getting 45 minutes of all-body deep massage a day and the smoked-gouda feedings twice a day.  That’s pretty sparse.  I don’t know how a cat can function with that kind of neglect.

So not too long ago I had sent McGoo a picture of a place where I used to fish as a kid.  Wikiup Reservoir in the Cascade mountains.   This spot is usually underwater and it was drained a bit.  You used to have to go pretty slow, watching for stumps or you would rip out the bottom of your boat.

Source of the pic is here:  http://www.kokaneefishingforum.com/fishing-forums/showthread.php?t=3900

I fished and camped in most of these places.  Why mention it?  I was thinking of remote outdoorsy places like the gold mines and this place is pretty remote too.  And I was thinking of kokanee, german browns, and rainbows.   Mmmm.

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I wouldn’t have believed it.  Chicago Sun-Times…

The owner said:  “We’re going to send Jesse Jackson his ‘Obama’s Nuts’ so he doesn’t have to be violent about it.”

Because of Jackson’s crude comment, candy seller’s site getting a lot more hits

July 11, 2008

Staff reporter / aherrmann@suntimes.com

The owner of “Obama’s Chocolate Nuts” is feeling like “the luckiest person on Earth” in the wake of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s crude remarks about Sen. Barack Obama.

“Who would have thought anybody would use ‘Obama’ and ‘nuts’ in an actual news story?” said David Feingold, a 30-year-old San Diego resident.

From chocolate makers L.A. Burdick are boxed chocolates honoring Republican presidential nominee John McCain, left, and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

His site, Obamaschocolatenuts.com, occupied the top spot on Google Thursday when Web users typed in “Obama” and “nuts.” Feingold said traffic on his site more than tripled over the usual count.

Feingold says he started selling packages of nuts, chocolate balls and T-shirts with Obama’s name and likeness about a month and a half ago — an idea sparked by his revulsion over sycophantic supporters of the Illinois senator and presumptive Democratic nominee.

(The nuts connection is related to vulgar slang that Feingold defines as “liking someone too much.”)

Nothing against Obama, said Feingold, but “I think anytime somebody follows somebody blindly, it’s not a good thing.”

“Nobody knows anything about this guy; everybody claims they do,” he said.

Feingold says he’s sold 650 bags of nuts and candy so far, led by the three-bag, $8.99 sampler pack. An equal opportunity offender, Feingold was peddling “McCain’s dried papaya stick” –advertised on his racy Web site by a hungry girl in a bikini — until the wholesale price got too high, he said.


I’m not saying I agree with her treatment, but grow a spine, lady.  If this is all it takes to turn you into a weeping turnip, you need some therapy.  Cruel Wife remarks that “If this is all it takes so that you can’t feed your son… ” – and here she lost the ability to speak for a bit, but then – “Boo hoo hoo.”   Can you imagine the magnitude of the miracle folks?  She was speechless for nearly ten seconds!

Suit: McDonald’s served up harassment

Muslim says she was targeted because of her headscarf.

By Matt Birkbeck Of The Morning Call
Breinigsville woman who says she was denied service at a McDonald’s in Whitehall Township because she is a Muslim filed a federal lawsuit Thursday, claiming her civil rights were violated.

Tanveer Walli alleges that a manager at the restaurant, which is in the Wal-Mart off MacArthur Road, behaved rudely and refused to serve her because of her Islamic headscarf, or hijab.

The Aug. 10, 2007, incident upset Walli so much that she cries uncontrollably, can’t nurse her newborn son and couldn’t celebrate her wedding anniversary, according to the complaint.

The suit, which also lists a Wal-Mart assistant manager as well as McDonald’s and Wal-Mart as defendants, is the second filed against Pany Enterprises, which operates the McDonald’s.


More tomorrow. I put in the last portion of a chain-link fence (which I harbor no doubts as to it’s ability to actually contain my monkey-son but I wanted to do it anyway) and I’m tired and hurt. Pretty strenuous getting it tensioned and fastened all by myself. Plus I’m fishing in the morning.

But before I go to bed…  enjoy this video of a really cute puppy figuring out that mirrors are… hey, who’s that?

Or, this video of a Cadbury’s Chocolate committing suicide.  In many creative, disturbing, and hilarious ways.

Update:  I went fishing.  Strictly catch/release.  Caught one Sun Fish, a fistful of weeds, and a dozen worms.  They nibbled, ate a sparse lunch, and just did not “get the point” if you get my drift.  Ah well, it was lots of fun.  Got too much sun but should be good as new in a day or so.

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I want to be caustic, cynical, and disparaging because on the face of it, the whole exercise looks like it is performed by individuals with too much time on their hands and kind of ridiculous given that hooks and sinkers have served so well for so long.

But it actually looks like fun.



On another note, here’s a disturbing trend, or if not a trend, a concept.

People committing suicide by homemade gas chambering, using cleanser and detergent.


It’s better than the psychotic going-postal folks (V-Tech, for example) but it’s still sad and a bit careless since it can hurt others.  Although by the time you’re in the frame of mind to kill yourself clear and rational thought is kind of distant.

– LK

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