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Don't know the source but I like what it says.

Subtitled:  The Font of Youth

All right then… you know the cards I’ve posted a few nights now?

When I installed Windows 7 from my XP OS, somehow a few fonts got shredded.  I won’t name the guilty party but it was Microsoft.

To finish the cards with the same font, I would need to find it.  But there’s the rub – I could not remember the font name!  I had a bitmap example of what I was looking for, however:

So what did I do?  I searched and searched and searched some more.  Did you know that out of a million fonts online you will find that fully 999,993 of them are complete utter pieces of crap?  Sure the makers were well-intentioned but they were also completely lacking any talent whatsoever when it comes to making a font that has flow and balance.

I searched high and low:

dafont.com – betterfonts.com – simplythebest.com – 1001freefonts.com – eknp.com – topnotchporn.com – (just checking to see if you were reading this)

I have visually inspected literally tens of thousands of fonts.

No joy.  No luck.  Fail.  Epic Fail.  Painful bone-grinding failure.  Soul-wrenching spirit-mulching consciousness-rending failure.  Mind-numbing repetitive drone-work.

So we try a different tack when desperation kicks in, right?  This option was for me much like stopping to ask for directions.  But at some point you give up.

I went to WhatTheFont.  You upload a scan or bitmap of the text you do have letters for.  You verify that their OCR of the image resulted in the proper letters.  Then it comes back with a list of possible fonts.  It guessed the very first time the proper font – Calligraphic 421.    How about that?

Thing is, I know that font.  Know it well.  I’ve danced with that font, bought it dinner, had my way with that font, and used it mercilessly countless times in my graphics.  Could I recognize it on sight or name it?

Damn, I’m getting old.

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