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It is “Don’t work at it too hard” night.

I spent the day working too hard.  I’ve been so excited about seeing light at the end of the tunnel in my neck recovery that I think I tend to overdo it.  Yes, it all hurt as I was sawing through poles, lugging dirt in buckets, weed-eating, cleaning the patio, moving the snowblower, etc.  And, yes, I’m paying now.  But DAMN was it great to get out there and do something again!

I forgot.  Shortly after whining about crickets chirping on my blog (like, next to zero hits), and I mean shortly, I started seeing the number jump.  Seemed to me that it was unusual since I don’t deal in porn on my blog and no one would actually want to break in and mess with my account.

Cranky at SixMeatBuffet was linked by the Conservative Grapevine, and it was referring to his post that showcased a graphic that I did (based on a bumper sticker I saw).  In 48 hours it saw 1800 hits at the Grapevine.  On a weekend.  My traffic went up, too.  Point is, I bitched and things changed.  I don’t think the lesson is “Bitch more until you get what you want” so much as “Don’t bitch because you’ll look like an ass.


The English Shepherd pups…

… continue to do well.  From an earlier posting you met Zana, Zeke, and Zane and now they are looking good.  I added another one of their littermates… Zuko.  He is tied with Zana as my favorites.  He’s just got a “Hey, I’m cool, man” attitude, you know?

Zuko (THAT is a relaxed pup!)





All right then.  Sean, I have to say that yes, there’s a level of tattoo investiture that surpasses my tolerance.

Image Source: http://www.bizarremag.com/weird_world/body_world/7173/zombie-boy.html

He’s gonna have some messed up kids someday.  Maybe.

Over at metafilter, one reader who goes by the name “Science” imagined the conversation when he finally found the girl he wanted to marry:

Sir, I know in this age this may seem a little chauvinistic and out of place. I realize that but it will not deter me. I love your daughter and cannot imagine my life without her in it. May I have your blessing to ask her to marry me?

I would pay cash money to see that conversation.

Unless the freak wished to marry something like this:

Image source: http://freaksblog.com

Where do these people come from?  I never went to school with one…


Shipbreakers do some hard work.  They… well… they break ships.   If this is real, I’m just in awe.


Great caricatures of famous people.  Very exaggerated but still very recognizable.  It’s amazing how you can follow links from a totally different starting point and end up places like this.

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So. NPR has this fella (actually BBC News Hour, morning edition) on that is talking about a hydrogen car. Apparently 200 units rolled off or are rolling off the assembly line and will be tested in LA. They will have special facilities to allow these people to refill.

So the interviewee says something like”

Well, it hasn’t been thought through very well from either the hydrogen generation point of view or the economics point of view.


So how WAS it thought through?

I ask this critically and not a little bit cynically.

It seems that if you go to Steamboat McGoo’s place, you’ll find a reference to an article about how the closing ozone hole is (we’re all gonna die) contributing to faster melting of the (horribly, too) polar icecaps and there really (mess, as well) is nothing that can be done. I would like to take an excerpt because he said it so well:

So let me see if I understand this: We stopped using a cheap and extremely efficient freon (freon-12) and a bunch of really handy CFCs because they’re punching a bigger hole in the Ozone Layer and letting all the nasty UV rays in – and because DuPont’s patent on said freon-12 was set to expire (bye-bye cash cow). The research scientists who published the original O-Hole work (2 of 3 who worked for DuPont) cried panic (although the 1 who didn’t work for DuPont later recanted) and pushed for banning CFCs and freon-12.

Now we find out that shrinking the O-Hole (back to its original size, presumably) will speed up global warming. I smell horseshit. It might be old horseshit – but its still horseshit. – S‘boat McGoo

Back to my point. We have for a variety of ills, flooding in several states one of them, a lot of people starving, a lot of precious commodities skyrocketing, and suddenly industries suffering because now that they have the infrastructure they can no longer grind a single kernel of corn without losing money.

I’m sure that the folks in India and Ethiopia are agreeing that the idea to use corn as a biofuel probably wasn’t all that well thought out.

Nice that we have a car that runs on hydrogen/oxygen. But the hydrogen had to be elicited from H20 somehow…

Stay tuned as the lights go on in certain brains – AFTER everyone has been whipped into a frenzy to switch to a hydrogen economy. Speaking of lights, have we discussed CFL’s lately?


Now if this isn’t the saddest piece of news – if you don’t have any news, don’t print it. But spare people from this. It ranks only above the article out of either Oregon or Washington in the early 90’s “Volcano Doesn’t Explode”. Oh wow. Ok, she survived lightning, which is pretty damn cool and newsworthy, but linking it with a $20 ticket win? Glad she’ll be ok though. Heard some awful stories about people after they’ve been hit.

Girl, 16, Survives Lightning Strike, Family Wins Lottery the Next Day

Monday , June 16, 2008


No one quite understands the term “striking it lucky” better than 16-year-old BreAnna Helsel. The Michigan teen survived being struck by lightning and went on to win $20 in the lottery the next day.Helsel was at her home in Blanchard, about 50 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, watching thunderstorms roll by on June 6 when she noticed rain entering an open kitchen window.

“She went to close the window and the lightning came through and hit her,” her mother, Linda Johnson, told The Daily News of Greenville. “We think it must have hit the house or something.”

Helsel struggled to describe the sensation she felt as the electricity passed through her body.

“It felt like when your foot falls asleep,” she said.

Helsel said she saw the electricity shoot out of her fingers and into the overhead lights, immediately knocking out the house’s power.

At first, the teenager didn’t want to be checked out at a hospital, but when she started complaining about a tingling sensation in her arm, she and her mother drove through the rain to get to Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview.

Helsel was checked out and the only signs of the lightning strike were some darkened fingertips on her right hand and a shaking arm from damaged muscles that will require some therapy. A full recovery is expected.

“Everyone said I’m really lucky,” she said.

Hospital employees suggested that Helsel was on such a lucky streak, she should immediately play the lottery. She’s too young, so her mother went out the next day and bought a Michigan lottery ticket for her.

“And we won $20,” Johnson said, laughing. “What a way to start the summer.”

source: http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,367249,00.html


No idea if it’s real or not, but you know what? Don’t care. We’ve all had days like this.


And they are authorized to flaunt Helmsley’s last will and testament by…? How? Don’t get me wrong, I say she was a kook and I would give the dog to a family and let it live life like a normal pooch – IF IT WERE MINE. But it’s not. It was her dog and her money. What right does an attorney and judge have to reverse her wishes? I’m sure if she wanted the kids to have the money she’d have willed it to them. There must be more to this already very strange story.

Leona Helmsley’s Dog Loses $10 Million of Trust Fund

Monday , June 16, 2008
Leona Helmsley’s beloved pooch, Trouble, will have to live the high life on a lot less.

The Maltese, 9, lost $10 million of her $12 million trust fund to charity after a judge signed off on a deal that gives the late billionaire’s disinherited grandchildren a piece of the Helmsley fortune, the New York Post reports.

The deal, approved by the New York State Attorney General’s Office and Surrogate’s Court Judge Renee Roth, reduces Trouble’s trust fund to $2 million, placing the rest of the money into Helmsley’s multibillion-dollar charitable foundation, the paper said.

Disinherited grandchildren Craig Panzirer, 40, and Meegan Panzirer Wesolko, 37, will now receive $4 million and $2 million respectively, the Post said.

Trouble is living in Florida with Carl Lekic, the general manager of the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel, the paper said. The dog’s annual expenses are around $190,000, he said.

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