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Oh, oh ohohohoh….

Wow. Beautiful knives. The trouble is that I just don’t have $2400 to spend. If I had it, it would be a tough decision indeed.

Wow. The obligatory Tanto.

Arctic Edge is it’s name and it just radiates cold. Brrrrrr, I still want one.

Where’s that pack of grizzly bears I need to kill to get one of these? This is a Damascus folding knife. And oh how it is a knife.

A little variety never killed anyone. It’d be fun to test the theory – let’s see if giving me one will kill me!.

I think it goes w/o saying that I probably won’t be buying one anytime soon, but it’s fun to look.

– LK

Post Update:

I have heard about this phenomenon before. They call themselves “Freegans” but growing up we called them bums. Amazing Weight Loss Potential Here!


Really, if you are into eating garbage, and you actually have the means to do better, does this prove some form of sainthood? I mean, if you are doing it for yourself, that is one thing. If you are doing it to “make a point” and garner attention, well, there you’re just being an asshole, and I’m sure a lot of starving people around the world would agree because if they had the chance, you can bet they wouldn’t be eating out of someone’s roadside Rubbermaid™. It’s a special kind of asshole, but by golly, dare to be different!

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