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Only in my home state of Orygun would I not be completely surprised.  Stick a truck 10′ up in a tree and leave it.  Yeah. The cops will be more understanding once you’ve sobered up.


Thanks to alert reader Black Lab on Amphetamines.


I’ve got nothing to write about.  Too many hours of work, burned out, and want to… sleep or watch The Walking Dead.

So I flipped through a catalogue.

Dude, I want that.   http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/style/costumes/baby-head-masks.asp

Dude, I want this too.   http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/household/miscellaneous/tabletop-fireplace.asp


Observant reader The Dude found proof that there is an “I” in “TEAM”.

I in Team

Thank goodness.  I was starting to worry that I wasn’t a team player.  Now I have a purpose again.


Observant reader Black Lab on Amphetamines also noticed this:

Jumping Lemurs In Madagascar

The Backstreet Lemurs perform on an outdoor stage.

source:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/picturesoftheday/10029971/Pictures-of-the-day.html?frame=2551283


A new game for me… You can get it in HD for your iPad, too. Your goal is to evolve a pathogen’s lethality, capability, and symptoms such that you can wipe out everyone.  As ghoulish as it sounds, it’s pretty interesting.  A number of different factors determine the boom or poof of a virus.  It’s fun – you get a lot of SimCity type BS news headlines and a real-time death toll as you try to circumvent the world’s stopgap measures.plagueicon


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Tea Party Zombies

Update:  Apologies to those who have fallen victim to a spam comment bot that is getting through Akismet on this blog.  I am checking back often to catch them early. 


Some people may get upset at the idea of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Hannity, etc. being used in a Tea Party Zombies Must Die violent video game, but I can think of no higher badge of honor than to be hated enough by libs that you warrant your own zombie.

They need a virulent diseased Lemur King in there, is what they need.

The graphic, offensive, and violent game was created by StarvingEyes Advergaming but does not have any obvious connection to or advertisement for any other group.

Oh, but I bet you $20 that if you dig enough, you’ll find backers for it.  The rooms and settings don’t look bad but the kablooey shots when a zombie is dispatched is old crummy graphics, way behind the times.  It’s like a combination between Doom3 and Doom2.  Anyone know what game engine was used there?  It looks familiar.

Anyway, complaints that this is offensive are just ridiculous.  It’s a game.  Tasteless, yes, offensive, no.  Incite violence?  Nah, that argument doesn’t work when stacked up against all the violent vid games out there.

They ought to get some shots of Hannity, Palin, Bachmann, and Beck drinking brews (or Dr. Peppers) and sitting around playing the game and laughing at it’s ridiculousness.  Best F-U that I can possibly think of.


All I can say is it is about time someone other than me has this problem.  Really, it’s all I can say.  The court gag order on the settlement is pretty strict.

I have heard of beer gardens, but apple cider gardens is a new one on me.


Sorry, but even one count of espionage should elicit a death sentence.  NASA scientist sells secrets to FBI agents posing as Israelis.

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I’ve been playing Portal 2.  Impeccable game.  Absolutely top-notch and worth every single penny if you had to dig in public hotel and restaurant couches for six weeks to scrape up the cash.

All right, I’ve been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back.


DEMAND TO SEE LIFE’S MANAGER! Make life RUE the day it thought it could give CAVE JOHNSON LEMONS!

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I’M THE MAN WHO’S GONNA BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! WITH THE LEMONS! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that’s gonna BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

Cave Johnson, Portal 2

I hesitate to include the next link.  If you are a person who doesn’t like spoilers (it only kind of does) then don’t watch it.  Ignore the purple elephant.  Just don’t think about it.

But the tune and lyrics and singing… they just stick in your brain and don’t go away.  I’ve had it in my head for three and a half hours now.

Aperture Science

We do what we must

because we can.

Last night Cruel Wife said we can fly the chopper again!  Hee hee!  No, that’s not a euphemism.  I’m talking Battlefield 2.


My “guy parts” are up near my collarbones in sympathy.  Keep watching until the replay at the end.  That poor bastard.  It’s moments like that where a person really does wish to just be shot so they can forego the experience.

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Quick Post

Got a game that should provide hours of entertainment for me and the kidlets.  It’s like the Contraptions game but with more thingies.  It’s got vanes, lasers, lenses, belts, gears, bunsen burners, steam engines… you name it.  CrazyMachines 2 is the name.

The tubes you add, you get a limited amount of them.  You have to put the water in the right place to move the wheel to allow the switch to be thrown for the sign up above and to also move the ball down to the left so it lands in a crate.  Simple in concept.  Making it work takes … tinkering!

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