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Touch Your Inner Geek

Passed on by alert reader mrmacs, a handy guide to beautiful dance moves.  I’m fond of x2+y2, myself.http://www.neatorama.com/2011/04/07/mathematical-dance-moves/

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Silly news update:

It’s not really news, but altering cows to have them produce human breast milk

Sorry, but if I can’t drink straight from the tap, why mix up a box of powdered?  No comparison, and as a matter of personal choice I wouldn’t  bother.

(I hope to cause a shudder with that one.)


Mercury polar pics… better than pr0n.


Speaking of pr0n…

Paul Ryan looking at a particularly obscene congressional budget centerfold spread.  Wah-heyyyyy, lookit them bodacious subtotals…

Until they FIX the budget mess, no one in Congress will escape my disdainful/baleful gaze, not even Ryan, who I agree with, at least in the spirit of “We’re speeding towards something… bad”Spending 8x more than the tax receipts?  Granted, it is “refund” time, but “refund” for Congress has come to mean “giving money back to the people” when it was ours to begin with.


A few days ago I promised a strangely familiar visitor who went by the name ooGcM taobmaetS a very interesting paper.  I can’t remember why I promised it but I did.

Kumar – Time-Series Bitmaps – SDM05

What is absolutely geek-schwinging about it is that you can graphically represent very complex data sets using relatively small graphics and quickly sort items by similarity.  And it’s not that hard, either.


Here’s a not-new XKCD but still one I love because it captured how I felt when I was first exposed to Python (exposed like “exposed to H1N1” kind of exposed).  Of course I have grown to loathe the non-explicit typecasting nature of it but I still love Python.  Python has that quick-n-dirty Hugh Grant naughty-boy feel to it but it feels so good.


Aimed at clarification of an obscure joke for Mitchell or anyone else who doesn’t dabble in the world of a code-warrior…

The joke is that the guy wrote the C code on a piece of paper in what may or may not have been in crayon, scanned it in, and had his C compiler try to interpret the image as if it were the source code file.

The later comments joked about how his code editor didn’t highlight keywords, and still later ones addressed how if it had been done in colored crayon it would by implication be identified as Visual Basic code – C/C++ coders sneer at VB.  But then again, hardcore fishbelly white Mt. Dew snorfling C-coders sneer at everything, especially if it isn’t under Linux.

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UPDATE:  Pardon the language, but ABOUT GODDAMN TIME!

What a complete scumbag.

He should have been treated like an ordinary citizen all this time, not like he was royalty.  He would have seen harsh treatment a long time before now if it were you or me.


Behind the scenes of Hilton’s mock ad

The 24-year-old heiress memorized her entire monologue, which included Hilton outlining her energy plan, in an online video spoof posted on Funny or Die, the comedy Web site’s content director said.

Huh. Little girls do grow up, don’t they? From last year’s weeping in the slammer to memorizing her lines.

Why do I post this?  To ask one question regarding the original article in hopes of an answer…



What’s to dissect? Greed. There, can someone please pay me now for my analysis?

Wall Street Report Tries to Dissect Financial Meltdown

A group of Wall Street executives released a report on Wednesday that outlined how the industry failed to foresee the financial meltdown of the last year and what companies can do to improve risk management.

The 172-page report (PDF), written by chief risk officers and senior executives at banks like Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, also provides suggestions about technical issues at the same time as it offers a bit of a mea culpa.

“Virtually everybody was frankly slow in recognizing that we were on the cusp of a really draconian crisis,” said E. Gerald Corrigan, a managing director at Goldman Sachs and a chairman of the Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group III , which released the report.

I find this atrocious situation entertaining in one sense: They say virtually everybody was slow in recognizing that something was wrong. Uh… who the hell qualifies as “everbody”? I think a huge number of people were screaming that something was wrong and that growth cannot be sustained indefinitely.  Duh.


Did he get this information over the internet like on the TV show “24”?

Motorcade Map Found at House Of Bomb Suspect

Police found a map of Camp David marked with a presidential motorcade route inside the Bethesda home of the teenager at the center of a bombmaking probe, along with a document that appears to describe how to kill someone at a distance of 200 meters, a Montgomery County prosecutor said yesterday at a court hearing.

Collin McKenzie-Gude, 18, also had two forms of fake identification: one portraying him as a Central Intelligence Agency employee, and the other in the name of a federal contractor purportedly protected by the Geneva Conventions, authorities said.

The investigation has expanded to include officials from the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, prosecutors said. McKenzie-Gude, who is in the Montgomery County jail, faces charges that include weapons violations, possession of explosives and attempted carjacking. At the house last week, police found more than 50 pounds of chemicals, assault-style weapons and armor-piercing bullets.


A Luddite’s Midsummer Nights Wet-Dream.  Sort of.

Those of you know me know that (1) I’m involved in aerospace, and (2) that I hate technology.  Sorry, but life is not black and white – actually 37.394 million shades of grey, and I’m complex with lots of issues.  Ask anybody about my issues.  They’ll tell you.

In spite of my hatred of technology, it is a necessary evil and I don’t plan on becoming Amish.  Because of that, and my career, it behooves me to learn, learn lots, learn often, and fight the urge to give up my anti-technology leanings entirely.

Seventh picture down is my favorite but there are others… the wooden computerBeauty, ain’t she?

Nice. I want one.  Go check out their site.  Give ’em some traffic.


Wanna geek out?

Go HERE.  I have already availed myself of quite a few of these books.  Some are HUNDREDS of pages of good information (I found a great digital signal processing book).  One of my big interest areas is in HDR imagery and also image processing.  Yes, it is anti-anti-technology to engage in this activity like I do.  I said I was full of issues, didn’t I?

Example Image Processing:  http://www.ph.tn.tudelft.nl/Courses/FIP/noframes/fip.html

Digital Signal Processing for Scientists/Engineers:  http://www.dspguide.com/pdfbook.htm

Algorithms:  http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~vazirani/algorithms.html

I’ve found other sites that are a bit more download friendly and I’ll link them (if I remember tomorrow at work).

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