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Today is going to be really really different.  Besides the fact that I uprooted my old page layout and have spent HOURS fine-tuning this one, which I think is quite nice.  Still needs tweaks but looking good, no?

Today there is going to be three really choice photos, and you get to guess what the story is behind them.  For extra credit, come up with what you think is the best title for each one.  If it helps, Dog there is 175 lbs.  His name has been changed because he’s a very private dog.

Disclaimer: Nothing in the realm of “animal cruelty” occurred – had it occurred I would not post such pictures.

Ready?  Click on them for the larger version.

Guess and Name!

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3


Tomorrow will feature pics of our late feline friend, Silver d’Cat…

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