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Childrearing can be fun.

The kids are of an age to teach about guns.   At their age I was already shooting several boxes of .22’s daily.  Here they cannot do that.

So I got out various weapons and showed them the proper way to point them, when to consider them loaded (all the time), showed them how any one of them could easily kill a person.

Moved on to the “sound” portion.  I racked the Mossberg 500 – you know that formidable sound it makes.  I said “Kids when you hear that sound what do you do?”

“Run away” was one answer.  Another was “Hide in such-and-such location”.  I told them “No, what you do when you hear that sound is hit the floor.   “Let’s see how fast you can hit the floor when I rack this gun”

And so we made a game out of a very serious thing, which is get the kids out of the equation.   “How long do you stay there?”    “Until you say we can get up.”    They were slamming themselves into the floor to see who could be quickest.

It was a great start.    And I made it clear to them that if I ever have to choose between their safety and the safety of an intruder in our home we will not hesitate to send the intruder to his maker in the most expedient way possible.  I disabused them of the silly notion of “aiming for the leg” that so many liberals would love – if you mean to aim a gun at someone you should only have done so thinking that you or yours were in terrible danger, and if your situation is that extreme then the idea of only trying to wound someone is ludicrous.


Given the latest round of testing done to look at Lemurita and where she falls on the ASD continuum, they reversed her diagnosis to a lesser but still real diagnosis and then said “She tests just under 140 on her IQ.  Get her into robotics or something.”   Well, I KNOW she’s bright… why did y’all think I have been throwing latin and classics and music at her all this time?

She and I are so alike that the worst disservice we could give her is to not give her free reign to run as far as she can go in any field of learning.  With the right mentor, vast swathes of my childhood would have been infinitely more interesting.

So last night Lemurita and I built a galvanic response circuit you can use as a VERY simplified lie-detector circuit if you have appropriate leads.  She swears she does not sweat when she lies so now we must prove the point one way or another.  I’ll also take the opportunity to teach her how to flip the emotional switch off and see if that makes a difference.   Doing scientific projects with Lemurita is fun – a vast huge amazing amount of fun.

Wait until Lemurita and I make thermite and put it on a remote ignition.  Oh this will be such fun.

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Nice writing there.  A passionate and well argued piece about why gun control is about the most useless tits-on-a-boar thing you could ever hope to achieve.  Well, that wasn’t exactly the argument, but close.  DPUD’s point is that not allowing people to defend themselves is ultimately… cruel.   And it absolutely is cruel.

DPUD was inspired (and rightly so) by a particularly reprehensible op-ed that had the gall to say, among many other galling things:

Only in America are gun massacres of this kind routine, expectable, and certain to continue.  – @d@m G0pn1k

Excuse me?  The train has entirely left the tracks.
Go read DPUD’s most excellent posting.  I’ll link it again here because it deserves it.
And again because it is still more or less a free country and I can.
Yeah, I did half-LEET out the name attached to the quote above.  I don’t like to give it more exposure than it deserves, beyond simple credit.
Here is where I get bogged down.  I read the news about the Aurora thing and the first thing I thought was “Oh God, those poor people”, then “did they catch the bastard?”, “why all those innocent people?”, and lastly “has the list of victims grown?”
Nowhere did I leap up and scream “If only all weapons were illegal, this would never happen!” or “Gosh, I hope no one uses this as an argument to take my right to self-defense away!”
“Guns” were never central in the story in my mind.  People were my first, second, third, and last thoughts.  “Guns” didn’t enter the picture until I read so many reports about calls for more gun laws and how this is the fault of anyone who says the 2nd Amendment and all supporters of it have blood on their hands.  DPUD saw the ridiculous article that was the source of the quote above and responded elegantly and honorably.  Well done.

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Darned guns…

People don’t shoot penises… guns shoot penises.  Just in the last day I heard of a guy that shot off a testicle, and then I heard this one.

About the time you blow your weenie off with a pink handgun, it’s time to swear off guns forever.  I would have more pity for the guy if he hadn’t actually shoved a loaded and chambered (pink) gun into his pants.

Compassion for those stupider than I, youbetcha.  Pity for a move like that?  Meh.


Ok, this lady is cooler than any thousand of us combined.  Many many thanks for Fark – that was an article worth reading.

I have only one thing to say: I killed a lot of Germans, and I am only sorry I didn’t kill more.  – British Spy and Saboteur Nancy Wake


You know, you would think that the police could give the guy credit for a cool beer cooler.  But no, he nets a DUI


Speaking of gun control…  Yay!  My favorite zombie speaks again!  If only he could find some braaaaaaaaainsssss.  Now he’s griping about S&P and the illegality of them doing their job.

This guy is just nothin’ but raw material for mockery.  He doesn’t even need makeup in order to look rotten and gross.


You know how every now and then I say “When your time is up, it is up”?  Well, the opposite is true.  Sometimes your ticket is not going to be punched regardless of what happens to you.


More later as I stumble around the net.

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Story at 9pm – roughly.

Ok, so I way overdid it on Saturday.  Took a few days to “recover”.  I’ll tell the story tonight as I can.

Thanks to The Dude, we have a funny pic to look at today.  I agree, the guy is going overboard – plus – it isn’t good pizza either.  At the very least get [redacted] or [redacted] pizzas, either in deep dish or rounds, I don’t care, but make them dead animal flesh pizzas.


Proof Positive that we are in Hell.  NASA Admin believes NASA’s foremost mission is to build better relations with Muslims.

“When I became the NASA administrator — or before I became the NASA administrator — he charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering,” Bolden said in the interview.


Why must they target this poor girl.  Hasn’t Lindsay Lohan suffered enough?

Note:  Sarcasm Alert.

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cbullitt swore it needed more than one barrel so I’m willing to go halfway – two large-bore barrels in an over/under arrangement.  Yes, there’s one trigger.  Pull the trigger and both go off.  Half measures in Lemur’s mind are wasted measures.

I’ll add in the mime-endangering stuff later after the Sweeper is done.


Obama Hits at Tea Partiers

President singles out conservative movement at DNC event, saying they should ‘thank him’ for cutting taxes

In the same vein that the guy who claims he’s doing you a big favor getting rid of your lead-based paints in your garage also dumps nuclear and bio waste out on the grass in your back yard.  Gee thanks ever so much.

Obama, you’re such a clueless (or uncaring) putz.  And at other times the guy just seems stupid – like at any moment he’s going to dial up a Rabbi and ask where he can get a good kosher ham sandwich.

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Friday afternoon update to last night’s post…

Is it 5pm yet?


Trying something new tonight.  I’m taking the strange or unusual search terms that led to my site and hunting them down elsewhere since people most assuredly did not find this sh*t on my blog.

Here we go…  (if you are looking for guns/knives go to the bottom of this post)


Lemurs can be cross-dressers.  Cool.  It’s a lifestyle choice.  I get it.


Somehow I bet that shooting himself because his girlfriend withheld sex (1) didn’t do a damn thing for getting any, (2) kind of puts a damper on future activities, and (3) squashes the relationship.

Well, I imagine you can get all the sex you can handle while serving time.


If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime:   Grand Theft Tomater (or) Grand Theft Vegetable (or is it fruit?)

Somehow, the school board seems like the perfect place for him.


It’s a few days old but there is no statute of limitations on cretinism.  If you are gonna steal make sure it isn’t traceable.


I find this odd at best.  She is looking for Lemur breeders?  Wouldn’t asking a guy for a date be less trouble?


This one came from the words “mower tattoo pubes” and led me to this NSFW post


“cannibal who couldn’t get an erection” … WTF?  There were no hits to this that had any relevant relationship between ED and cannibals, although statistically I’m sure it must happens.  If only cannibals had their version of Bob Dole to help cut through the stigma… then I might have a link to post here.


Haggis.  I get hits on Haggis every single day.  Every one.  Without fail.  Go look it up at wikipedia.  It’s really pretty damned gross, but I’d try it once.

There are many recipes, most of which have in common the following ingredients: sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.

I happen to enjoy menudo so who knows?  Maybe I’d like this, too.


Guns and Knives haven’t seen my pages in a while…

Weird, unusual, morbidly interesting… DeathWind.

Carbines… I don’t know how to defend it but I like the Beretta CX4 design.  It is a bullpup-derived design but that doesn’t matter as much as “it looks cool” to me.

Gerber Ripstop knife:

For something different – what you might call “high maintenance” but still filling a unique niche.  Tinkerswords.  I like this folding knife.

Self-defense/Tactical Folder Knife - Vicious

Self-defense/Tactical Folder Knife - Vicious

The SOG AccessCard 2.0

Aaaaand SOG’s Kiku, which I’m not going to post a picture of because it is far far outside of my range ($2500) and looking at it makes me weep with longing.


Miscellaneous Crud…

Cynthia McKinney proves that she is high and of very limited intelligence. I love the comment on the FOX website:   “Life must be really scary on her planet.”

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Yep. We’re pussies.

I should clarify DPUD’s comment (Around the Sphere in 80 IQ Points) on his blog about my assertation… Yes, the UK has gotten pretty squirrely as the article shows. This poor slob in a Transformers shirt is by no means an isolated incident of idiocy, both the UK and the US. I mean, when they take away a little kid’s toy soldiers… come on. I think my remark was aimed more at “The West”.

Here is a great opinion piece that kind of paints a picture and gives me headaches with pictures… as Fry on Futurama called them… “ideas”.

One of my “ideas” was regarding profiling. WHY is it wrong to engage in profiling? Simple: It’s NOT. Let’s use an example:

A 20 year old woman on a college campus has been brutally raped. She didn’t get a good look at the attacker but numerous other rapes on the same campus have had victims that could give a sketchy description of the attacker.

Question: Do we round up grandmothers and grandfathers? Do we also round up all children above the age of five? Do we round up all the women we can get our hands on, including soccer moms, teachers, judges, doctors?

NO WE DON’T. Because the typical profile of a rapist is (1) typically male, duh, (2) typically above a certain age where the could possibly be strong enough to overpower a woman, and a brutal rape implies quite strong, (3) we critically look at an age group of 18 to 30-something because those are the ages that are more likely to look like they belong on a campus and blend in.

We have just profiled a certain segment of the population. It’s not nice, it’s not pretty, and it scares and inconveniences the innocent guys. Should the innocent guys get pissed at the police? Nope, at the rapist. It’s worse if you start dragging moms in for lineups if you’re going to be that idiotic. That’s totally unreasonable. How about MALE judges and doctors? Do they fit the profile? Maybe. But whether or not they get upset is irrelevant, as we’re trying to catch the BAD GUY(S).

So saying that we are going to target every single person the same way is asinine. We’re doing it because somebody said that the idea of upsetting a segment of the population that fits a profile of likely bombers “Is Bad”. It’s a fact of life, it’s nothing personal, and people ought to get pissed at the assholes in their ethnicity who want to kill innocent people.

Put another way, if I’m looking for wheatback pennies in a jar, I don’t go looking for silvery-looking coins.

I’m certainly not going to form a group complaining that guys are being unfairly targeted as rape suspects. It’s just the way the world is. I’ve had mothers pull their kids behind them so they were between me and the kids (long hair and beard days) and yeah, that kind of hurt because I’d die to protect kids, but it’s a FACT OF LIFE. That mom was doing her job and she was right to do so – my hat is off to her for caring enough about her kids to do so.


Can’t post much else with actual thought involved until tonight, but in the meantime, gasoline jokes!

Personally, I wish people would quit bitching. Go carpool. Ride a bus. Walk. Change your lifestyle.

That doesn’t mean we can’t try to rile up Old Iron a bit with some ‘toons!

(please note the cartoonists and visit their work elsewhere)

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Given that the democratic party is made up a collection of individuals that hold to no common goal, it is surprising that they have not fallen apart before now. When you each believe in your pet cause to the exclusion of everyone else it is hard to work together as a unit. I think it is called Anarchy.

This tribute to Hillary is a new demotivational poster by yours truly, the glorious Lemur King. It is a simple reminder to the junior senator (leech) in the swamp, that determination to win don’t always make it so.

(click on the graphic for the larger version)


Their next hurdle will be when they chew and gum each other to the death at the convention (and leading up to) as they decide how to get around those pesky rules that let Michigan and Florida copulate themselves right out of the picture when it comes to the primary.

I can see it – two factions inside of the DNC standing before the Supreme Court, waiting for a panel of judges to rule as to whether or not you have to play by the rules in an election. Such a tough call. Luckily we’re all adults and can be expected to see reason.

Oh, let’s just pull up a chair and a nice ice-cold Dr. Pepper while we watch them twitch in the wind!


The latest in social engineering. NPR (National agitProp Radio) reported today that there would be incentives given to those who buy hybrid vehicles.

Think about that… Think about it again… I’ll wait…

They will take taxes from you, far in excess of what the government needs to run (if you take away pork and entitlements), and give it back to you if you exhibit rewardable behavior while purchasing a large item, such as a car. This is known as social engineering. How remarkable! Our government is in the business of regulating our behavior. Doesn’t that just leave you all warm and fuzzy?

Next, in the latest issue of Guns and Ammo Handguns (June/July 2008) comes word that as many as ten (10) states are considering – get this – serialization of ammunition. That is, a serial number laser-engraved on every bullet. Every bullet. Totalitarian states considering this are: Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Washington. So, now you know where you won’t live when deciding to look for work elsewhere. It’s not even that it is so infeasible as to not even work, but the fact that some damned idiot wants to do it. Theres no real proof that it would (1) work so that a bullet was recognizable, (2) prove to be anything less than a bureaucratic nightmare, or (3) change anything in a meaningful way, but by God, some unqualified schmucks in government think it’s jim-dandy idea.

[note: I had another example of societal engineering that I thought of on the way home but cannot remember it right now, sorry. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow when I’ve gotten some rest. – LK]


I just though of the latest thing in social engineering that I had forgotten. The mind manipulation in new TV ads convincing us to buy into CFL’s. Yes, according to this ad, our seven year old daughter has more on the ball than old dad, who apparently must be guided through life by his children, even to the point of being told what kind of lightbulb to buy.

I have issues with our government and politicians making decisions that they have no business making, for politicians rely on emotions, political dynamics, and a large amount of hubris to make up their minds about anything, including light bulbs.

from the link above, Steven Milloy states:

The business fantasy is for the nation’s 4 billion-plus light sockets to sport CFLs. There’s much more ka-ching in selling 4 billion $5 light bulbs as opposed to incandescent bulbs costing $0.75. But what about the mercury problem that may impose substantial liabilities on businesses and consumers faster than CFL light bulbs turn on?

Today’s business leaders apparently have forgotten the infamous Superfund program that needlessly and retroactively imposed tens of billions of dollars of costs for pre-1980 waste disposal practices regardless of whether they were legal at the time. CFL-maker GE, in particular, is involved in a senseless $500 million clean-up of industrial chemicals known as PCBs buried long ago in Hudson River sediments.

Imagine the clean-up costs from billions of CFLs disposed in landfills and burned in incinerators across the country. Superfund even imposed bankrupting liability on mom-and-pop businesses. Imagine the peril of home-based businesses that casually toss CFLs in the household trash.

First mercury was dangerous. Then, temporarily, it became no big deal. Now that the Greens have caught us in the CFL trap, they’re reverting to form on mercury — all to cause the sort of chaos resulting in increased government control of our lives.


Speaking of ammo and gun control… Next is the woman obsessed with sniper fire and the idea of her opponent being assassinated (perhaps a bit of instability there, eh, Hill?), HIllary Clinton and her stance on… Yeah, you guessed it… guns! She was reported in USA Today as saying “I believe in the Second Amendment right to bear arms.” As pointed out in TownHall, however, she has in her last seven years in congress co-sponsored 22 anti-gun bills. Well, I guess being shot at so much would have an impact on your gun stance, huh? And it’s a lot easier to sponsor anti-gun bills when you have your own ****ing Secret Service bodyguards paid up for you and your entire family for the rest of your miserable life. The rest of us aren’t so lucky.


Another graphic, this one obtained from youscold.com… Thank God no one wrapped a turban around that butt or there would be rioting in the streets across the world over the indignity.

(click on the graphic for the larger version)


Ok, I have no idea where this next one came from, folks but we should all take it to heart… cell phones must be turned off while in the movie theater or if you clearly cannot observe all traffic laws while discussing last night’s American Idol. Actually, to date, were it not illegal to do so, I can think of three guys, roughly fifteen different women, and six to seven teenagers that I would have done this to.

(click on the graphic for the larger version)

(if you are the owner of this photo, could you let me know so I can credit you with it?)

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DPUD (Double Plus Undead) has a blog entry titled One Zombie That Needs to be Put Down Now. The post deals with additional efforts to enact Assault Weapon Bans, and I believe that bans of any weapon is a slippery slope. The ridiculous thing is that fully automatic weapons are illegal. These *look* like full autos so they are illegal. Nevermind the fact that someone who is good with a Ruger .22 can do an incredible amount of damage and they aren’t “assault weapons”. It’s politician hysteria. Again.

Obviously RPG’s, grenades, mortars, etc. should be strictly enforced since any one of these clearly is not require for home defense. Maybe the grenade but that’s another post. Besides, any person with rudimentary chemistry skills (ok, perhaps moderate) would be able to make things that go boom. Simply put though, we live in a civilized society that doesn’t seem to have these issues, unlike many third-world oil rich countries in the Middle East.

The comments in DPUD’s blog entry led to the idea of pink weapons, and that jogged me mind.

Hello Kitty AR-15Evil Black Rifle Meets Cute and Cuddly. These aren’t my pictures but I wanted to show them off his site so you’ll go to his site and enjoy the rest of his stuff.

This is a real weapon, made of real parts, and the owner shows it being fired on his blog page. I firmly believe that nothing exudes feminine beauty and love for the unannounced guest quite like a perforated liver created by a pink semiautomatic.

To be entirely sexist because I like tweaking… uh, body parts… I ask: Should those who suffer Mad Cow Disease once a month (aka PMS) be allowed to have weapons? (Yes, I know my wife reads this blog, and she goes under the moniker “Cruel Wife” – I need to gin up an avatar for her… some kind of poisonous but cute frog)


Quick question… I have recipes that I could be sharing on this blog. They include but are not restricted to:

  1. Crisp chili-beef with Orange Rind and Szechuan Peppercorns (chinese)
  2. Pad Krapow (thai)
  3. Chap Chae (korean noodle salad)
  4. Yam Taeng Kwa (thai cucumber/peanut/chilies salad)
  5. Pork and Shrimp with Basil, includes crab-chili paste (thai)

Any interest at all?


Teachers are way too liberal and it’s affecting the kids. I think it shows in the political climate. They get into this liberal mindset of “I’ve got to add social engineering to my job description because I know what is right and obviously the parents cannot do so” and end up losing all touch with reality. Like so.

But then again, it’s pretty obviously a rigorous science class if they determine these things based on a questionnaire by the kids about other kids. Perhaps I’m wrong.

If you didn’t catch the sarcasm there, I’m pointing it out now.

Ooh! Another one… teacher forces 3rd grader to clean out toilet with bare hands!


Hillary: Gutsy, obsessed, or just stupid? Let’s pray it’s all three and she causes a huge amount of animosity by the time the DNC convention comes around. Another way to put it: “Visualize the DNC with a DNR.”

Here’s how I think of Hillary about now:


Still studying those elusive things that make Art Deco actually Art Deco. It’s been fun. Click on the image for the current state of this work in progress. It is not how I want it yet, but it’s all I’m going to do tonight.

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Sorry, I’ve been out of it today. Woke up in an incredible amount of pain and been down all day. Just now feeling like I might want to be up.

I am a stauch die-hard supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, a Second Amendment guy all the way. I do believe these fellas might have stepped over the line. If it were up to me, you’d carry whatever you wanted any time you wanted (with the exception of automatics, RPG’s and the like). I would even go so far as to say that I’d register my weapons if there was some guarantee that no one could ever use that information to come take my firearms away from me – it has happened before in this world.

My key point is, self-defense should never be taken from you.

But if you start endangering others you have stepped over the line. WAY over the line. And it is guys like these that give people that want to take away your rights lots of excuses to do so.

Two Men Fatally Shoot Each Other In Newark

NEWARK (CBS) ― Two men fatally shot each other after they brawled in Newark on Saturday afternoon.

The incident began around 2 p.m., said Det. Todd McClendon, a Newark police spokesman.

Police did not confirm what sparked the brawl, nor disclose the names of the combatants, but witnesses told CBS 2 the victims were a teenager nicknamed Bishop, and a 22-year-old named Jeron. They say there was a fight over turf, and may have involved a third man who fled in a car. One of the weapons used was an uzi, a type of submachine gun.

“I know both of them both of them,” said Newark Resident Amani Shakur. Both are generally good guys. I don’t know what happened.”

McClendon said one man was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other was taken to University hospital in Newark, where he died a short time later.

There have now been 22 homicides in Newark this year, compared to 31 that had occurred by this time last year.


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Quick Update:

It’s getting pretty bad when your ENEMIES give you the silent treatment (rolls eyes). Poor poor bitchy Hillary… What’s a witch gotta do to get treated like a queen around here?

X-treme Geek has once again earned hosannas in my humble (but still really really important) opinion.


It’s the X-treme Geek USB Forklift!!!

RC ForkLift

I don’t know what I’d lift with it, but I need one anyway. Bad. Real bad. Wet-your-pants-if-you-aren’t -granted-gratification-within-20-minutes bad.

I know my wife (aka “Frog”) reads this drivel that I write so maybe I can get one without groveling.


Since the Universe is not without balance (meaning God has a wicked funny sense of humor) the mixed variety of individuals at X-treme Geek have another offering…

The Deluxe ION USB Turntable

Please, since my hearing is 50% gone and wear hearing aids, correct me if I’m wrong… vinylphiles keep their LP’s because the analog nature of the LP gives music more depth/range/warmth and leads to reduced chances of toenail cancer and bleeding gums in lab rats. So, I take my USB record player, put my LP on it, the signals get digitized at Nyquist sampling frequencies (44KHz) and sent over the USB link and through my digital sound card and spit out to my speakers. How is this useful? Great! Now I can cart around my LP’s and a bulky player everywhere! And less quality “Win-win”, oh yeah.


Honorable mention goes to the Remote Revolver.

Remote Revolver

I would remove the little orange-red thingy. If I’m going to pretend I’m shooting my tv in my own home, I’m going to do it w/o ruining the illusion. It beats my current system which will only turn off the tv. My current controller requires no batteries, and is really hard to lose – it’s called The Brick and comes in red, brown, and grey colors.


A cool Universal Card Reader:

Universal Card Reader

Neato! I like the simtel aspect of it.


And lastly, the single most obnoxious thing I can imagine ever walking, rolling, or slithering across the face of this earth, besides most current-office-holding democrats…

Coco, the cute but soon to be short-lived alarm clock

Little Coco would last just one single night (morning). It would then go through stages of decombobulation.

  1. Stabbing via Abalone Knife (reserved for just such occasion, but with normal clocks)
  2. Burning, using ashes and sugar to prolong the pain
  3. Crushing blows via 15lb sledgehammer, with lots of garlic (can’t be too sure with these things)
  4. Wrapping in a bag of salt
  5. Burial, 6 ft deep hole, minimum
  6. Pavement over the top of the hole, not less than 6″ thick

To close today’s festivities, I can speak for all of us, I’m sure, when I say that this is a MUST HAVE item.

Laser Tag = Fun.
Laser Tag + Shocking The Snot Out Of You = Scream-Like-A-Girl Fun.

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