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Over at an IGN bulletin board I found… LEMUR FACE WOMAN!

That is one happy lookin' lemur. Trying to be inscrutable as always, but happy nontheless.


My problem with Christians, a predominant portion, is the ability to judge people all the time.  Don’t deny it.  I’ve been in the church many years, multiple denominations, and have seen it myself.  Since a year or so ago I stopped going, not because I’m an atheist but because I’m tired of the people.   Tired of the false sense of security that comes from regular attendance and a concurrent blindness to your continued reflection of the rest of the world.

Pat Robertson is an individual who supposedly is a religious leader and he can do nothing but harm people.  Doesn’t matter – tsunami, Katrina, Haiti – he’s there to tell the world that it is brought upon themselves because they are sinners, or in this case because they made a pact with the devil.

I would love to see him try to pick

up his teeth with broken fingers.

Judgmental?  You bet.  But there is a difference.  One is judging people based on who they are and the other is judging people on who or what they choose to be.

Robertson is the worst of his ilk.


A Gentleman’s Duel – sent to me by Cruel Wife.  Said it was full of action, adventure, chivalry, and bouncing boobs.  She was laughing her butt off.


This from over at Soylent Green:

UPDATE: Another Surprise—Mann received a three year grant of more than $500,000 in June from…wait for it…Porkulus funding.


I’m behind Conan O’Brien on this one.

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