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Update #1: Stabbing Victim X-Rays Remember kids:  Don’t try to remove the big honking knives yourself or you could die.

UPDATE #2:  I love how the UK always harbors some crackpate frontrunner for telling the world how they must change.

*** on to regularly scheduled drivel ***

Pic of Pelosi on Drudge…

Something about it NAGGED at my mind.  Nagged like Nancy as a matter of fact.  Then it hit me.  With a bit of p-shop type magic (only a very little bit as I’m feeling less than zero motivation) I floated another image layer over her face and viola!

Tell me the resemblance isn’t there.

… Speaking of deathly ill-looking things, read a paper from the CATO Institute on health care myths.  It’s dated 2005 but the principles still apply – nothing much has changed in 3 years.



Speaking of myths… Obama!  Yes, you can belly up to the bar over at Six Meat Buffet or you can click on the link to see a very disgruntled teleprompter… one that works for Obama.  Very bitter that ‘prompter.  The prompter was brought to us by Iowahawk who gave credit to XD-235.


Seems a pastor has taken “love your neighbor” a bit too far.

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