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A guest on Diane Rhem (NPR – our only unbiased source of news – just ask them!) uttered the words:  “Some people may have the notion that more government involvement in their lives may not be a universal good.”

<crickets chirp>

<crickets chirp more>

<crickets chirp, hiccup, vomit, choke on it, die>

Then a woman from somewhere e:mails in and says women on both sides of the abortion issue should be outraged that the issue is used politically [as in the case of health care reform.]

<crickets can’t chirp because they’re dead>

<John Edwards channels crickets, and they chirp in his voice>

The chasm between the thoughtful conservative and the emotional liberal or the calculating liberal is one so wide that not even education can bridge.  That’s my conclusion.  You’ve got it or you don’t.

Kind of hard to get fresh air when you’re huffing glue.  Bottled fresh air for city workers.

How unfair.  Someone should arrest these drug dealers for assault.

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