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cbullitt has an interesting load of information for you over at Soylent Green.   Keep in mind I only read his stuff for the articles.  It seems to have a lot to do with this whole Global Warming disaster and how some guys who “discovered it” are now maybe going to (pardon the expression) know what it means to be dry-humped.  (my daughter can’t read yet so I can get away with writing that)

I promised McGoo this image so this image he will get. It is NOT high quality but not bad for an hour or so.  Amazing how hard I had to work to get her legs apart enough to add the pogo stick.  Yes, I’m talking photoshop.  Sheesh.

Sorry McGoo, can’t do anything too graphic here because… well, if my daughter saw it, I’d have to explain why daddy felt like putting that there and then I’d have to explain to her why Cruel Wife called daddy a perv.

So this’ll have to do.  In answer to the “Holy **** on a pogo stick!” imagery.

It's bigger if you rub the graphic with your mouse. Clicking might help.

I’m still looking for a decent lipstick smudge to add to it.

It seems that a little explanation might be in order.  You see (if any of this is really true) in the beginning there was data, and scientists said “This will not do, for our funding dryeth up like our women’s teats, and children and younger women do not worship our brains or the sweat of our loins”.   Or some sh*t like that.

And so, one day, a man named Mann lookedeth at his data through eyes squinted tight, he lookedeth truly askance, and by hyperventilation and fasting began to see how the Great Data could be massaged and certain conclusions teased out of the mass of numbers.  Then he witnesseth a prophecy that would be self-reinforced in the Echo-Chamber of Starving and Lonely Climate Scientists, and he saw that they could move the minds of the masses and their leaders alike through fear and ignorance.  And he saw how this could be achieved by f*cking with the numbers like a true asshole.

End of story.  Maybe… or maybe not.

Gore has a lot riding on this as do his acolytes and they have written their own bible.  Faith of that sort brooks no dissent.

I posted this over at cbullitt’s a while back but I want to show it here.  It is from the bible of the ANTI-Gore.  It is how things SHOULD work.

Urkel 23-19

The path of the conscientious man is impeded on all sides
By the inequities of the Goreans and the tyranny of liberal men.
Blessed is he who, in the name of science and hard facts,
Shepherds the plebeians through the gauntlet of lies,
For he
is truly history’s keeper and the finder of “lost” data.
And I will wipe My feet with thee with great volumes of pure truth
Those who attempt to tell convenient lies to My brethren.
And you will know My name when I lay the burden of proof upon you.

If you made it this far, you should be rewarded.  With real facts.  God knows no one on the hysteria side have done that much for you so far.

How the global warming industry is based on one MASSIVE lie.

Ross McKitrick sums up the Yamal tree ring affair in the Financial Post


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