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I’ll keep it short, Google.


You think by bundling all your stuff up in one where I cannot cancel my account without losing youtube is going to coerce me into keeping you and your heavy-handed snooping?  No, really, screw you.  I’ll gladly do without you and anything to do with you.  Spent most of my life without you, and I’ll cheerily toss you in the trash for the rest of it.

You’re going the way of Netflix in my mind and in my dealings.  I’m voting with my feet.

I just hadn’t gotten around to the official act until now but I’ve already been using Bing for some time now.  And I’ll switch when they get abusive, too.

By the way, folks… Read this on How Target Figured Out a Teen Girl was Pregnant Before Her Father Did.

A new graphic in the works.  It’ll be Doctor Lemur poster featuring a rendering of a product, which is a raytraced bottle made using the Dr. Lemur logo and stuff.  It is stuff wrapped in stuff wrapped in more stuff but I think it will look cool.

Here’s the newer one with more glassy glass.

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Terrible what they allow on the innernets these days.  Like voting for “Horror Movies’ Hottest Vixens”.  Terrible.  Disgusting.  Whatever you do, don’t go here because you don’t want to see scantily-clad pics of Megan Fox or Kate Beckinsale.  There.  You have been warned.


In the Salt Lake Tribune:

A downtown protest of the climate change talks in Copenhagen became a victim of Wednesday’s snowstorm.

“Not many people showed up because of the blizzard conditions,” said organizer Clea Major, an international studies student at the University of Utah.


Fox News had a funny list.  Nine things the MSM missed in 2009:

  • Van Jones – Obama’s Green Jobs Advisor*
  • ACORN – Obama’s roots organization
  • John Holdren – Obama’s Compulsory Abortion Science Advisor*
  • CLIMATEGATE  – face it, when Jon Stewart scoops you, you look pretty bad
  • NEA-GATE – Using the NEA to promote Obama’s political agenda
  • Chas Freeman – Obama’s appointee to chair the Nat’l Int. Council – conflicts of interest w/ China and Saudi
  • Tea Parties – the MSM didn’t ignore these, they openly attacked them
  • Kevin Jennings – Safe Schools Advisor* to Obama, suggested porn for 7th graders
  • Demo-Stim-Gate – Democratic districts have received twice as much stimulus as Republican districts

What could possibly be the reason for so many missed pieces of news?

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