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A week ago I went with a friend to “be there” while she got a real diagnosis on some skin cancer that has, uh… gone beyond.

It wasn’t pleasant but the news that there is a 70-80% chance that it hasn’t gone on a jaunt through her body is better than we envisioned prior to going in there.  It seemed quite grim before.  So there is a chance.

Add to that the shoulder MRI and cortisone shot and lots of work hours and I’ve been a bit waterlogged.

But I could be worse!

I have a stark bat-crap crazy co-worker who is such an illogical emotional flaming liberal that he actually annoys me.  I found this somewhere – I’ll dig it up first chance I get – and it just FITS…  He does this almost daily, sometimes baiting me just so he can pull what we now at work refer to as a Papa Foxtrot (Poo Flinging).


Alert reader The Dude has kept me fed with lots of images gathered from God only knows where.


My favorite because it has attitude.


This snail has ambition. Hard to knock snails with ambition.


This is why fathers protect their daughters.




This dispenser would be empty far more than the regular scotch tape and that only lasts hours.

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I’m a very visual creature.  Photos and art do it for me.  Music might if I could hear more than about 30% of it.

But pictures… ah!


UPDATE:   The Dude sent me this…


And that led to another co-worker (Mr. Dry) sending out this: Cats that look like Hitler.  An example:



Christopher Gilbert Artwork.  NICE.

A LEGO aircraft carrier.  $$$$

A sketch/painting that has me very interested in Gouache as an artistic media. (Enas!  Checkitout!)  More info


These people MUST get out more…  Here are some examples to give you an idea – dressing up like a video game character.  Go to the link and see them all.

Which one is real?

Q: Which one is real? A: Neither. Both. Does it matter?

At least this guy can say he was doing it for his son…


God I hope this is some kind of hyper-realistic costume and not real.



Creative p-shopping and more

And lastly, go get yourself a few cult films for Thanksgiving.  Push the boundaries outside of MST3000, Troma, and ReAnimator.

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Day 2 of a really bitchin’ headache so I thought I’d just run through and share images that got caught in the trap in the disposal…

I’m thinking that tomorrow I shall put thoughts into words regarding China, Russia, the Middle East, and how those all clash with the West – and why I worry about these things.

Who here can remember one of the all-time best games, right up there next to Half Life, Deus Ex, and Far Cry (before the Trigens)?

Yes, Redneck Rampage®!!

Shown here is a Rabid Jackalope heading towards our hero, Leonard. What’s he firing? He has: A bolt on the crossbow. A stick of dyanmite lashed to the bolt for a redneck RPG. The whole works shoved up a chicken’s hoo-hoo for a guided rpg. Oh yeah.

There’s your buddy, Bubba. He’s continually getting captured by evil clones of your neighbors and too stoopid to get himself out of trouble. (sounds like a Star Wars plot)

Enclosed in the Redneck Rampage box is a small-town newspaper (really and truly) called the Hickston Hog. An advert inside had this little lady in the Personals section as I recall.

**update: just found it. You can read it here: redneck_rampage_manual.

Moving right along. Chicken anyone?

If they aren’t properly cooked, they’re not going to hang around for Round 2.

Oh I couldn’t resist.

This pic, titled “How to Ruin a Romantic Evening” gets it spot on. Of course everyone knows you don’t serve a blush wine in a hot-tub. You steer towards the Gewürz.

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