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As usual, if someone comes up with an idea that they say is groundbreaking you should be cautious.  If they say it is revolutionary, you should be doubly cautious.  If the claim is that it will Change Life Forever, run.

This falls in there somewhere. Problem with lots of green solutions is that they would have already been used if they were the cure.  This issue suffers because information blitzes that aid one’s own investments tend to be a bit biased and rosy.

… First, it’s worth noting Pickens’ claim made in the op-ed that his plan requires no new government regulation. Two sentences later, however, he calls on Congress to “mandate” wind power and its subsidies. Next, Pickens relies on a 2008 Department of Energy study claiming the U.S. could generate 20 percent of its electricity from wind by 2030.

Setting aside the fact that the report was produced in consultation with the wind industry, the 20-by-2030 goal is quite fanciful.

Even if wind technology significantly improves, electrical transmission systems (how electricity gets from the power source to you) are greatly expanded and environmental obstacles (such as environmentalists who protest wind turbines as eyesores and bird-killing machines) can be overcome, the viability of wind power depends on where, when and how strong the wind blows — none of which is predictable. …

One common feature of all “cure for the world’s pain” ideas is that they usually rely on government mandates rather than capitalism to become acccepted.   Just because an idea sounds good does not mean that it is possible to run it as a business.

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