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Candy is Good for You.

The article headline shouts out:

Blue M&Ms May Reduce Spinal Injuries

Yeah, how about that?  Cure your spinal injury by eating 50lbs of M&M’s immediately after your car accident.   Let me know how that works.

The dye used in blue M&Ms and Gatorade can reduce damage from a spine injury? University of Rochester Medical Center researchers found that rodents with spinal cord injuries were able to walk with a limp after being injected with Brilliant Blue G. The only side effect? They temporarily turned blue.


Well, maybe candy isn’t good for you.

TAMPA, Fla. —  Tampa authorities say a 4-year-old girl was treated in a hospital after eating candy that was tainted with Oxycontin

Holy CRAP!

Authorities say deputies found several pills mixed in with the Skittles, and say the bag had been resealed. Airport police Chief Paul Sireci says officers pulled about 30 bags of Skittles off store shelves as a precaution.


Vanity get thee to my bathroom or behind me, either one.

I’ve heard of backroom butt-jobs with silicone before – sometimes using the silicone picked up at the local hardware store.

Total kidney failure and critical on life support.  Do either of the two outcomes that the idiots earned seem worthwhile?  Is a still-lumpy butt worth it?

Now, along with her probation, Lindsay will have to make restitution to her victims, Andrea Nicole Lee, 30, and Zakiya Thema Teagle, 34, who each spent three weeks at Town & Country Hospital with renal and liver failure.

As they both recover, and their story continues to be plastered on message boards across the Internet, women are still looking for hookups to up-size their backsides.


Chip Bok has a fantastic cartoon that expresses what I hope a lot of voters are waking up to…

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