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Well, as you may or may not know, MESSENGER passed by Mercury not too long ago.

Excitingly, the instrument I got to help put on that ride is still working. Granted, by the time enough anal-retentive people review your designs it’s got a high likelihood of surviving, but there’s still that insecure part of you that dreads the phone call where someone says “Uh, the schnozzle broke on the beeblebobbit”.


But that’s negative thinking. On it’s first contact, Flyby #1, they turned the instrument on and the gosh-darned thing WORKED and it was able to detect sodium ions being sputtered off the Mercurian surface by the solar wind. How is that for cool?

mercury-parting-shots.jpg click on the pic for larger size view…

Information about the flyby can be found here, complete with images, movies, and general factoids:
Johns-Hopkins/APL Page on Mercury/MESSENGER

(pictures shown are courtesy of NASA and JHU/APL)

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