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Caption for a Day.

Caught my our cat, Jack, with an odd look on his kitty face.

Pick a caption and win, folks!

Cruel Wife got me a gift.  My own Jolokia peppers!  Habaneros don’t faze me all that much, Red Savinas do at roughly twice the Scoville units.  They are roughly 250,000 and 500,000 units each.  The kids don’t eat spicy food yet so my tolerance is down… who knows what will get me any more?

The Bhut Jolokia is 1,000,000 units.  I have yet to try one because I’m trying to think of the best venue.  I’m thinking a mango/pineapple salsa, myself.  A habanero, which is naturally a fruity-flavored flesh pepper, goes well in that environment.  I’m undecided on this one.  It might be that it’d be good in a mole sauce…  let me know if you have an idea for this one.  The proper dish is critical!

Here’s Wide-Load… errrr… Jill… my kitty.  Jack is CW’s more or less although he hops from family member to family member in a laid-back sort of way.

I cropped the picture wide so she’d look a bit slenderer than what those traitorous hips of hers give away.

Lest you think that “Wide Load” is unfair, compare brother and sister… the photo was captured in a hurry on-the-fly so it’s a bit fuzzy, sorry.  It’s an illustration, not Ansel Adams in color.

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Katt Update

The cats have integrated into the household so well that… get this…

… they missed me while I was gone.

I know.  Isn’t that just the craziest thing you ever heard of?

Jack, looking very much like a cat.

Jack, transplanted to Girlhead's bunkbed without rejection.

Jilly has become “my katt”. She’s bonded with me for some reason, probably because she can get on my lap any time of the day and stay as long as her butt isn’t in physical sphincter-to-arm or sphincter-to-face contact. I happen to like her, too.

Jilly-boo, also looking very catlike. Amazing, isn't it?

Jilly, sitting up like a human, but crashed like a cat. On my lap.

Below, you will note that it is not Michigan. I was there last week and it was most certainly not Michigan. It was warm, I sat on the patio and drank a chai (addicted to the stuff), and basked in the sun in my shirt, sans jacket.

I was still painfully grateful to be home. I missed Jilly-boo. And everyone else, too. And eating my own junk food.

Orlando last week. Note the lack of snow. (embiggenifies if you click it)


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