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Me neither.

Japanese lamp fighting.  Really.


***crickets chirp***

I found it because I was looking at low voltage lighting and rice paper to make a japanese-style bedside lamp and “japanese lamp fighting” and “japanese lamp furniture” are veeeeery similar.  I require very little light to read by and I try to be courteous of CW when she wants to sleep and discomfort or insomnia keep me awake – and so when my old lamp with it’s 7.5W bulb came down ill (I think it is due for a replacement) I figured it was time to move on.  Since I like japanese architecture and furniture I said “Why the hell not?”

Oh, back to bulb fighting… a conversation in the comments section at Gizmodo:

You know, the insides of those has got stuff that can give you cancer.

– So I’m told.

Yeah. I had a friend that chewed glass for a living. In the circus.

– And he got cancer from chewing fluorescent bulb glass?

Nah. Got hit by a bus.

Okay… check it out.

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My Materialism.

In response to Enas Yorl’s orgy of materialism – where he decided to blame me for his own sad actions, I might add; That is if I weren’t fully capable of taking the high road but I actually am and hence won’t add said commentary- I’ve decided to post things that I’d like to have and probably will have once I’ve saved some money.

Note:  I probably made no sense to begin with and then dug a deeper hole by embellishing the above paragraph, making it an unreadable mess.  Grammatically it is as if a seagull barfed three days worth of garbage on a white car hood.

Note #2:  Just giving you a hard time, Enas.

I love Japanese art and architecture.  Both pieces below are from ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige (also known as Andō Hiroshige or Ichiyūsai Hiroshige)

Clear Weather After Snow at Kameyama - by Utagawa Hiroshige

What I find so appealing about Japanese art, in particular ukiyo-e, is the great range of detail using simple and well-placed lines, using woodcuts similar to intaglio multi-color print processes. (similar but different)

Eagle Flying over the Fukagama District - One Hundred Famous Views of Edo #107 - by Utagawa Hiroshige


Cruel Wife, on the other hand, appears to want glow-in-the-dark fur for articles of clothing – or so I can only infer given that she sent me this link.

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Today was the anniversary of 9/11.  I can’t say anything other than it was a rather powerful moment in American history, I will never forget it, and yes, I’m still angry about it.  It could not be justified.  It was pure and simple targeting of innocent civilians for it’s own sake and is indefensible and the act of utter worthless cowards.

I still have thoughts returning to the retaliation mentality – scorched earth and lots and lots of salt for the earth.


On to the Lemur Dropping Thursday Special Edition, to be continued hereafter until I’m told to cease and desist or that it is a waste of effort.  Tonight will be “Lemur Droppings Lite” because I’m running on pure fumes, having only had twelve hours sleep since getting up on Monday and it is 1am Friday now.  But I’m cool.

  • Artsy gadget smashing… Gizmodo again.
  • Wooden phone.  Cool, but what about termites?  Perhaps a Motorola/Orkin teamup?
  • I’d just as soon slam my privates in a sliding glass door as go into an anti-sauna.
  • If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for Japanese architecture, furniture, boxes, etc.  Here’s some cool older stuff that I will never be able to afford but still appreciate.


I suspect this is Obama’s strategy:

She plunged into a sea of platitudes, and with the powerful breast stroke of a channel swimmer, made her confident way towards the white cliffs of the obvious. – W. Somerset Maugham

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