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Today’s alarming news.

Scientists Explain Alarming Loss of Mental Function in Southern California, Northern California Mental Affliction Remains a Mystery

University of Southern California researchers have announced a study today that they claim shows a direct link between widespread brain damage and vehicular air pollution.

Governor Brown was extremely concerned about the news.

“They say that this isn’t just a matter of damage to your lungs but also to your mind.  If this is a real phenomenon it could be affecting judgment in daily life and just as importantly, if not more, at the polling stations… well, it means that we need to act fast to evaluate whether this is a very bad thing or somewhat beneficial,” said California Governor Jerry Brown, taking a deep breath and giving an emphatic nod.

There is concern that it could be affecting the young.   Earth Liberation Front spokesman Dweezil Coypu said that eliminating vehicles is a valid option if it can save just  [more…]


In related fields…


Marine Sgt. Takes Sniper Round To The Head; Smokes A Cigarette 15 Minutes Later.

“Manning the top of a compound south of Sangin, Afghanistan, Sgt. Paul “Headshot” Boothroyd III took a sniper round to the head. He landed face down onto the muddy roof with a thud.

Suck on that, enemy insurgent sniper bastards.

Good on yer, Sgt. Boothroyd – glad you are ok.  And kudos for one of the most awesome photos ever.


I’m pretty sure I missed something here.  Something crucial.

The NOPD is investigating the fatal shooting of man they describe as an “armed home intruder.”


According to investigators, 21-year-old Melvin Plummer of Marrero entered a house occupied by a 30-year-old woman and her three children and brandished a handgun.  The woman, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled a gun and shot Plummer multiple times.

E-M-S paramedics transported the suspect to a hospital where he later died.  The name of the man who was shot has not been released.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but for now they are classifying the shooting as “justifiable.”

Chalk one up for the CCW folks.  Please notice that she didn’t go out and shoot a bunch of nice people;  The woman was a legal gun owner.)


By the way, I wouldn’t begin to know how to choose fashion-conscious stuff for the wife.


Obama Practices What He Preaches

As is his customary style, Obama sought to maintain a balanced center, imploring Democrats and Republicans alike to be reasonable and fair-minded in the budget process.

President Obama said to the Republicans, “You want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games and realize it is not my way or the highway.”

Responding to Obama’s charisma and strong leadership style, Boehner and Reid pledged renewed efforts to completely rework the budget in order to find a solution acceptable to everyone.

Wow.  I guess the Health Care Reform was just an isolated incident.  No, not really.






He sternly denies what he is, however, making strong points in his favor.


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