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Tuesday Update:

This just in… Those wascally French! Terror in the skies! Someone needs to take this pilot aside and calmly, gently, and with heartfelt emotion, inform him that they are saddened by his behavior and that they are going to have to watch him pick up every last one of his teeth with broken fingers.

Passenger jet makes terrifying 10,000ft climb to dodge another plane because pilot was ‘showing off’ to a child.
This shows poor judgment.

Second Tuesday Update:

Josef Fritzl, a monster, continues to horrify the world with his behavior.

Now, on to your regularly scheduled post…


[Note: Be patient, and your perseverance will be rewarded, for the graphic is down below, but do read the accompanying material.]

Let us, gentle reader, hearken back to a moment faded as though through the mists of time… the year is 1993.

It is a time of a more care-free existence, one marred mostly by The Great Prevaricator and his First Hag. It was a time when gas was still cheap, the term “metrosexual” hadn’t been invented (1994), and terrorists were more like a couple of malcontent high schoolers than true assholes.

We were living off of the fruits of trickle-down economics, and had not yet really begun to miss the Gipper, not like we were in the coming years. Things had been better, but on the whole things were good and we were at peace with ourselves.

In short, life was like Big Rock Candy Mountain. (where the bulldogs all have rubber teeth)

In 1993 a curious thing happened. Suddenly the small town of Grant’s Pass, Oregon (Pop. 30,930 in 2006) had it’s collective IQ drop by a staggering 26% instantly, leaving it unable to carry on even the most routine of tasks for a period of roughly 14 hours. Miraculously no one died but there were several catastrophic personal hygiene incidents surrounding a number of citizens thought to be critically compromised in grey matter in the first place.

What happened to cause this precipitous decline? One could ponder most of a day and on into the night and still come no closer to the awful truth: The Mountain Men Anonymous Club initiation had gone wrong – horribly horribly awry, in fact. Read the article below for the full account of the root cause of the Brown-Note Spring of ’93, if you dare.

Warning: The contents you may be about to read may be disturbing and graphic or just plain hilarious in nature. This blog is not responsible for any liquids that may be spewed onto your monitor or keyboard nor severe cramps due to laughter or nausea. You have been warned.

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Update: Is Hilary Planning to Run in 2012?

Oh boy, I sure hope so! This has been more fun than an ingrown toenail these last three year’s worth of presidential election campaigning.

Second Update [warning: disturbing content]:

Evil does walk this world. My God… why are some people not struck down by lightning bolts while elsewhere kind people die? ()

More on this bastard here it’ll turn your stomach.


This is a tragedy, that they would starve this man. Rather than give him the 4000 calories a day he needs to maintain at 431 or so pounds, they starve him with 3000 calories per day. He’s lost over 100lbs and he’s hungry. The BASTARDS.

Just because you beat a man and stab him to death, then burn his home, is no reason to make jail an uncomfortable place. It’s worse than Auschwitz. And they only get 50 tv channels. Oh the humanity!

[ PLEASE NOTE THE DRIPPING sarcasm… just another service I offer.]

Meanwhile. Ish. Ms. Dupre, the ho that Eliot Spitzer got all pavlovian about and drooled all over at the sound of her voice, is set up to make MILLIONS (Link here). So yes, you can screw people and get ahead. (oh the jokes that exist there) I mean, the man had all the self control of a compulsive gambler with a $2000 house credit. He was pathetic, and has managed to let his teenager hormones pretty much ruin his life and his family’s. Ann Coulter had a nice piece on that as did Michelle Malkin at this location, if you didn’t find them back in the day.

RETRACTION: She’s not a total slut. She’s suing Girls Gone Wild for the tune of $10M. So she’s screwing them on paper. I guess you gotta get into the spirit of the thing.

So who says you can’t make a lot of money by selling your soul, body, and mind. Oh, I guess no one did, did they? Well, he got what he deserved, she was a willing victim (which is to say no victim at all) and lots of cash to flash for it. I’m sure she has learned her lesson.

Now, constant reader, please go with me to peruse Chuck Norris‘ article on Border Fences.

Yes, I know, libtard philosphy strongly encourages that we build bridges, not fences, but then again if I find a libtard that is even marginally smarter than an Afghan Hound or a Boston Fern, I’ll be amazed. There’s some very intelligent people who cannot seem to get smart and figure out that protecting borders makes sense.

Chuck is kind of like a breath of fresh air. As I was growing up he was always just a guy who did martial arts, was kind of a hard player, and almost of renegade mentality. Not any more. The man has turned things about very well and is proving that he’s got some real smarts that he can share with us. Here.

And continued thanks to Steven Milloy for his crusade against Junk Science, this time about BPA. This involves plastics for baby bottles killing hundreds of thousands of kids. It involves the fact that it didn’t happen. Long live Junk Science … have a read on his information regarding the myths surrounding DDT while you’re at it.

Ok, no joke at all here, but this is sad – dolphins are my flat-out favorite creatures, because they smile all the time.

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