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I have felt arty-tistic again, no idea why.

A certain Cruel Wife (aka “Frog”) got her own logo.  Spent some time on it, I did.


Saying that she likes chocolate is like saying that Detroit is a bit of an armpit of a place to be in.  It’s understated.  Anyway, that’s a chocolate bar that frog is on.  The frog is a poisonous one.  Make of it what you will.

Another graphic I did features a crab to represent one of my co-workers.  She’s one of the best people I’ve gotten to work with.  She loves sushi.  So, the crab is attacking some crab rolls with gusto.


Well, damn.  I love Cirque du Soleil and this is a real bummer.  It’s really amazing that it doesn’t happen more often, really.



Balloon hoax.  Yes, I’d like to see the guy get popped for making a false police report.

If the incident was a hoax, the only charge local authorities could press would be making a false report to authorities — a Class 3 misdemeanor, Alderden told reporters Saturday.

However, a misdemeanor “hardly seems serious enough given the circumstances,” the sheriff said.

We certainly want to talk to FAA officials and federal officials to see if perhaps there aren’t additional federal charges that would be more appropriate in the circumstances than what we’re able to do locally,” he said.

Now, look at his wording.  Unless I read it wrong, he thinks this guy really just broke the law in terms of a false police report.  Bummed out by this, the sherrif is going to go find out if there are other things he can get this guy on.

The sheriff is making a determination to see if the charges seem appropriate.

I know this happens all the time but it seems like behavior best left in a cockroach country.


Hey, if this is offensive to ILLEGAL “immigrants” then where the hell do I sign up to get one.  Go home if you’re offended and come back when you are legal.


Until then, I got nothing to say to you.

Oh, and way to show some spine and/or balls, Target.  You don’t go out and find a costume and then “by mistake” sell it.

Target is removing the costume from the site after receiving several complaints, company spokesman Joshua Thomas said Friday. The store never intended to sell the outfit but included it in its online offerings by mistake, he said.


When is stimulus not stimulus?  When the democrats are involved, that’s when.

They’re talking about extending benefits through 2010.  If they can arrange it, COBRA, too.  To the tune of at least $125B dollars.

You know, on a per-head basis, why aren’t these people out of work and all getting gov’t guaranteed loans like with college students’ loans?  That way THEY pay the money back at some later date.  Now, that money is given to them and WE ALL pay back their debts.

All this throwing around of money – it has to COME from somewhere.  I’d just as soon it started – and stopped – with those who have the need for money to tide them over.  Nowhere does it say in the constitution that the gov’t should take my money to help others.  The argument that these people need help doesn’t matter in the least.  I want their communities to help them, not me helping a bunch of people in California for their fiscal idiocies.

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Not going to post much tonight (working from home tonight because I love my job I love my job I love my job… if I say it enough times…)

But here’s a sweet little steaming heap o’ justice. If I had to guess where ol’ Brandon and Amber sit on the theoretical normal IQ bell-curve, they lag only slightly behind a Boston Fern. Still to the right of a card-carryin’ Democrat, but out there. At least three standard deviations.

Cruel Craigslist Hoaxers Busted

Burgling Oregon couple’s ad triggered ransacking of victim’s home

APRIL 1–A week after dozens of people ransacked an Oregon home in response to a Craigslist ad offering its contents for free, police have arrested a couple for orchestrating the online hoax as part of a bid to cover up an earlier burglary at the property. Brandon and Amber Herbert were nabbed last night for allegedly posting the March 22 Craigslist ad, which claimed that the Jacksonville ranch’s owner had to leave town so suddenly that his belongings–which included a horse–were available for the taking. The Herberts, investigators charge, did this to cover up their prior theft of several saddles and other items from the garage of the rural southern Oregon house, which is owned by contractor Robert Salisbury. After learning of the Craigslist ad, Salisbury returned to his property to find about 30 people rummaging through his home and remaining belongings. After subpoenaing Craigslist records, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office investigators traced the online posting to the Herberts, according to the below probable cause affidavit. As a result, Brandon, 29, and Amber, 28, were both hit with burglary and computer crime charges. They are pictured in the above mug shots. (3 pages)

Credit goes to The Smoking Gun – a site that I love a great deal but only in small doses to keep my cynicism quotient down.

– LK

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