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Update:   May not post anything tonight.  As gently as I can put this, metaphorically, my toenails and my molars were two ships passing in the night.

I think I got some bad food.  Really bad food.

Gilbert Gottfried bad.


Just this morning, the Diane Rhem Show on NPR.  (driving to work after a dr appt)

This is not verbatim, but the content is there.

Female Guest #1:  I think it is a good thing having Supreme Court Justices on the bench like Sotomayor and Kagan – it’s beneficial to have a wide range of experience.

Diane Rhem:  I think there ought to be a few seats filled with people with no legal experience – no lawers or legal training.

Male Guest #2:  I think you’re absolutely right.  It should be someone like Al Franken who represents the populist vote.

I literally swerved on the highway as my jaw dropped.

Go read yesterday’s post for something to help you recover from that kind of mind-job.  I’m still shuddering.

I do wish they’d stop blathering on about how many cases Kagan has recused herself from. It’s not uncommon the first year.   It’s a non-issue issue.

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I did not know that Kagan actually in the same document suggested checking out the NRA and the KKK.

Yeah, that’s who I want for SCOTUS, someone who thinks that my support of the NRA makes me as worthy of keeping track of as a racist KKK member.


While being questioned by Republicans, who aren’t in orgiastic throes like the liberal members of congress, Kagan said:

“My politics would be, must be, have to be completely separate from my judging,” said Kagan, who was a domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration.

Horsesh*t.  There is not a single judge nor has there ever been or will be that could separate their bias from a case.  NOT ONE.

The real test of a judge is whether they apply bias or whether they apply prejudgment.  “Bias” says “if I can judge in a certain way, I will.”  “Prejudgment” says “I will judge in this way regardless of the case.”

I don’t foresee Kagan applying only bias, and “politics” is actually worse than prejudgment because it comes from without, not within.

The distinction between bias and prejudgment is not a concept I thought of – it was presented when I first saw it in Frank Herbert’s book “The Dosadi Experiment”.  Perhaps one of my top ten books of all time.  “Whipping Star” also features the same main character – Bureau of Sabotage member Georg X. McKie.   Awesome awesome books.


I really really hope that Pete Stark pays a hefty political price for mocking a voter with an honest concern.

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In what may be a critically acclaimed decision, Obama has named an ordinary person of no special qualifications, no judicial experience, and an IQ of around 75.

Photo stolen from McGoo, I believe. Shamelessly, too.

That thing is better than Kagan. I like my supreme court members to have actually been a judge prior to being in the highest court in the nation.  This guy at least isn’t pretending to be more than he is.

Bush did his stupid nomination with ol’ whatserface, I guess ‘bammy is allowed one moron move of his own (for SCOTUS).

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