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Lots of ugly pics on the trail lately… Here’s one of Sen. Clinton just before she unhinges her jaw to swallow a Fox News reporter whole. If you dare, click on the smaller pics to get the larger view – people who do this sort of thing are usually eaters of Red Savina and Jolokia peppers, i.e., chiliheads and/or not an ounce of brains (yours truly included).


Some more… isn’t it great that in this day and age we can freeze-frame people and laugh or cringe for years later?


Another one, the pimped-out daughter of Sen. Clinton – Chelsea… apparently she has just filed her teeth to chisel points using the scary-sharp method. She looks hungry to me. Doesn’t she look hungry folks? Granted, she’s a liberal, but doesn’t she seem extra-extra dangerous? She’s got the “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” aura about her.


Perhaps this was during one of those “We’ll Pay You to Vote for Us” moments.

Ok, back to work.

– LK

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