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This and That.

I saw a FreakingNews.com contest yesterday.  It mentioned how it is the 60th birthday of the AK-47.  The contest was to take an AK-47 and do whatever your heart desired.

So I did.


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And over at Moonbattery, Van Helsing posted something a while back that I just love.  My God, why didn’t I think of that one?  It is beautiful.  I have this nasty suspicion that ultimately the end results are quite similar to JonesTown kool-aid.  (those of you who are younger, go look that up)


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Ok, this has got to suck. And here we all thought they were just big chunks of metal. Civil War cannon-ball is was not dead.


We have had proof of alien life for years. No idea why the guys at Area 51 let these go other than the fact that they were getting so damned tiresome. No one can listen to pious freaks indefinitely. PETA rears it’s ugly head.


Obama once again shows his ability to not think on his feet in times requiring actual thought. Sen. Obama, when does life begin?


Chelsea Clinton showed her prowess as a charismatic future politician of America drawing in a vast crowd of as many as 15 people this weekend.

What a crowd.


I posted this last week, but doggone it, no one even remarked upon this. Can you imagine how many men will be able to go on to have lucrative porn careers after a marital “spat”? When you can grow appendages back… They grew back an inch’s worth of a guy’s finger, folks! This is more important than the recipe for Toll-House cookies! Maybe.


And here is a link that I’m putting in because, gosh darn it, I like bamboo. And not just my tablet.

I want to plant some in the back yard. I hear it can be like mint and problematic if you don’t watch it. But the stuff is basically GRASS. How cool is that, eh?


And, here’s the fluff piece…

(Photo credit to Pop-PR – my views in no way represent his or vice-versa, he just used one of the gosh-darnedest cute puppy pics I’ve seen in a while) Cat’s are ok, but they absolutely refuse to be so “with you” that they are willing to play fetch on the freeway. Dogs can and do give you that kind of companionship – sheer blind devotion. Cats barf on things. Or in the case of this weekend, my wife’s cat peed in her shoes.

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