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The Succubus has bat wings now – I loved the fallen-angel look before but this just looks even wrongerer.  As in “Oh boy, I should run now.”

When I installed Windows 7 something… bad happened to my fonts and I am very very upset because I don’t know where these favorite ones of my went.


The news today was just weird.

French Judge Issues International Warrant for the Arrest of Floyd Landis

A French judge spat on an American flag as he issued an international arrest warrant for US cycling poseur Floyd Landis who cheated in order to win the Tour de France (just like all Americans who have won the Tour have done).

Landis was stripped of his title for the 2006 Tour de France following an anti-doping test failure.

He now faces charges of kitten stomping, mugging of the elderly, computer hacking, drinking wine with ice in it, and making disparaging remarks about Jerry Lewis.  The least-serious charge of hacking originated from France’s completely unbiased anti-doping agency the AFLD because they were hacked before Landis’ failed blood test.

The cyclist and world-class master hacker could not be reached for comment, which would have been dismissed as pure American lies anyway.

And in Utah:

Lawmakers Discuss Early High School Graduation

Sen. Chris Buttars isn’t talking about dropping the senior year of high school.

He’s talking about making the 3rd thru 12th grades optional for those students who finish their required credits early — much to the interest of many other lawma kers, particularly the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Buttars, R-West Jordan, is proposing the state save bazillions by giving students the option of graduating from high school up to nine years early.  Buttars’ proposal would provide attractive incentives for students to do just that.

“There are some [students] that have a great school experience, but you talk to 100 kids and their parents, and I believe the majority of them will say, ‘Well, my kid didn’t do much from the 3rd to 12th grade,'” Buttars said. ”

Several lawmakers praised Buttars on Monday for trying to ease the state’s budget troubles.

“Why shouldn’t we push them out younger and younger if they’re just going to suck us dry?” Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, asked the committee. “Why not put a stake in the heart of the parasites and get them out of here?”

“We got killed last year with a 20 percent tax increase,” said Marcy Rhodes, a parent who lives in the Jordan District. “Personally I’d rather buy a new BBQ and vacuum cleaner than support students one more day than necessary.”

Also, Buttars is proposing that students who graduate from grade school early be allowed to work in factories until they are mature enough to enter college.  “At least this way they can pay into the system in the form of taxes on their minimum-wage jobs rather than take-take-take,” he said.

State Superintendent Larry Shumway said Buttars’ idea raises important questions about the effectiveness of 3rd-12th grade, which is why he’s decided to create a task force to examine the issue over coming months.

Note:  Recognize mockery and satire when you see it, please.

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