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Update:  If the report on Drudge is to be believed, and we have his body, then they need to let Bin Laden’s body lie in state so we may all go engage in some frolicsome micturition on his corpse.  In other words, go wee-wee on his face.

Then bury him in a mixture of pig poop and bacon fat.

That, dear friends, is about as crudely vehement as you’ll ever hear me get.  I don’t like people that hurt innocent people.


This is an All-Idiot Posting…

New York mayor Bloomberg thinks he is the one with enough smarts to decide for Michiganders what is best in their own state.  Bloomberg says:

Detroit needs residents. Immigrants want to live in America.

Michael Bloomberg says he’s got a simple solution for both needs — send all new immigrants to Detroit.

And what do they do once they are here?  There’s no jobs for the legal citizens here.  You want to fill the city where essentially anyone who had the means to flee the city already did so, then fill it up with poor illegal aliens who won’t have a job because there are none, AND have them on this state’s dole?

Mayor, with as little respect as humanly possible, shut yer effin’ yap.


Robots, using only a few megawatt-hours of energy could save us tens, maybe even hundreds of kilowatt-hours.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Well, no matter what the real story, I’m sure it’s going to only strengthen the position of AGW – it’ll be shown that we’re effing up the world worse/faster than we even thought.

I am sure of it.


I’m a little disappointed in Drudge for linking to this “story”.  Man gets struck by lightening twice.   Go check it out and count the ways in which this is clearly a fake.  I counted four big ones, one small one.


If California is having problems paying the bills, this might be an indicator of how their business practices could be playing a part.

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My problem tonight is that I don’t want to create new content but I do not want to leave you, Constant Reader, without a source of BS (real or imagined) until I get unlazy-ed.

So for now, enjoy some links.  Some are tasty, some roadkill, some juicy, some charred silly, some… oh hell, just enjoy the *%^#$*& links, ok?


If you have kids or are a big kid yourself, treat yourself to something simple, mindless, and fun.

Or, a USB digital microscope.

When the Table of Condiments Periodically Go Bad.  Really really bad.

Flashy, but really really cool.  PicLens.  The thing is, your mind can take in an awful lot of information, and pattern matching works very very well with our brain-eye combination if things are moving.  Try it.  If you DON’T like it, I’d like to hear about what it was that you didn’t like.  Then I will mock you. No, not really.

Eh.  So what?  This happens every day after my first pot of coffee.

Neat.  Spooky.  Interesting.  Wild.  Creepy. I can continue on in that vein but I think you get it.

Why must they always ignore optics on these engineering sites?  You use optics everyday – biological ones, even – along with the electonics (wetware), and physics/mechanics (meatware), and chemistry (hormone soup).  So just try to think about optics once in a while, willya?

Oops.  I was just… uh… keeping your straw from getting dusty.

As a bicycle rider (road/touring), I have to say… I have to say something, but I don’t know what.  It turns on a DIME though.  Check out the video on that page!

I have to believe that several guys, a case of beer, and some idle time could manage an eerie form of suicide by screwing with people in this manner.

I have seen A picture, never MULTIPLE pictures. Sandstorms + Iraq = Fun? It’d sure as hell get your attention.

I did this a week ago when BBQ-ing.  It’s a method to help you to figure out what the doneness of the meat is by pushing against your hand to gauge firmness.  By pressing firmly, I was able to correctly ascertain that it was charred on the outside yet still pink/raw on the inside.  Trouble was that it was my hand.

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