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Getting a grip.

Oh for f*ck’s sake.  Will you people please get a grip?  Put your hands on your shoulders, take a deep breath, and pull your heads out of your ass.

brazil-womanI mean, geez, have a little pride, why don’t you?

If the harshest thing in your life is the loss of a soccer match, then you aren’t dead but you surely aren’t living.

That’s it for now.  Busy enough at work that I have little good to say so I’ll keep it short.

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Oh yeah? Well… well…

Oh yeah?  Well… well… well, I think you guys are just a bunch of poopy-heads.

Sayeth Newt, who looks even more like a toad than he did before.

Note:  He’s not far off to say that the republican establishment is a cheap version of the democrat establishment, however, to say it right after you’ve just gotten spanked just makes you look like a petulant little child.

Newt has been smoking fruit loops.

But visionary people — this is why I’m a Reaganite — Reagan got it.  – Newt G., telling us that he’s a Reaganite

Sorry, Newt, Reagan had more class in his tiniest fart than you’ve got in your whole body.

“I’m happy to debate my opponents on whether or not a bold, visionary exciting job-creating future that secures our national security by having us lead the way rather than China or Russia or India, whether that’s the right path for a strong, prosperous America,” Gingrich said.  – Newt, busy neutering himself

Hey, no on argues with competition being a part of the solution to the future issues we got coming up.  But it’s not all of it.  Seriously, there’s more issues here than just competition or making a pit-stop on the moon.  Like remaining solvent in light of the budget fiasco looming ahead.

Because I got nothin’ better, I’ll probably throw my vote Santorum’s way.  No one’s worse than Obama.  Then it’s Newt.  Then Mittens.  Then Santorum.  Newt only scores so low because he’s an undisciplined jerk.  He’s a smart one but he’s too unstable.

I honestly don’t think that even if Mittens is elected there’s going to be enough liberal clout to keep Obamacare from being hacked into little pieces.  But also, I think there’s probably 3:1 odds that we’re looking at four more years of ol’ Reservoir Tip as president.

If I’d had to choose between all of them I’d have to call on Perry despite his faults.  But everyone ganged up on him early on.  Fair to say, he put in a really bad showing for himself at times but I think he was/is capable of better.

Next election let’s just do the primaries in one big sweep instead of this ego-stroke of a state ordering (which always seemed to make the western states irrelevant both during the primary and the general election), stop this debate crap, and have everyone say what they are going to say and move right along, shall we?  We’re not helping ourselves by killing off the strongest.  We are ending up with “winners” that are easily beaten by the real enemy, the one who we KNOW we don’t like.

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