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Steamboat McGoo approached me the other day and said “Lemur King, I would love to collaborate on a paper, but I must be top billing and I get to name the misshapen progeny that will result from such a union.

Wanting to flex some brainicles a bit I agreed to his proposal and we worked feverishly on this document that we hope to publish in the Albanian Mathematical Society of Our Lady of Perpetual Menses.  Their peer review cycle is generally only as long as it takes to clear a $40 check and requires no edits.  Beware, McGoo’s mind is a deep one and his papers should not be taken lightly – I was lucky to be able to include my name.  The link will bring you the PDF document (compiled in LaTeX)

McGoo-Lemur King-2012



Kittens grow fast.  Ours quickly becomes a demon.  Here you see a small kitten in the coat rack, which she has recently decided is a suitable cat-perch.   She is in Urban Kitten mode, where she blends passably well into her surroundings.


Below is Melody Demon Song taking a breather and planning out her next ambush on Sir Jack L. Katt and Mdm. Jilly of Boo.CatNotofThisEarth

Here she is looking a tad bit less demonic and just skilled at whatever she is doing.


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But before we do the main blog topic, let’s look in the mailbag, shall we?  Today’s postcards came with the postmark smeared and a return address:  Jimi Hendrix, 1234 Fantasy Lane, (something), (something else).   But I suspect it’s from McGoo because they both smelled faintly of smoked gouda and it is well known that Brrrt tracks gouda all over the house.

As you can see, the country road (Fantasy Lane, apparently) is almost as bad as Michigan’s highways.    He rambled a lot about widespread flooding, alien abductions, high voltage probes, and needing to “definitely buy the thicker kind of aluminum foil this time, by Circe” so I couldn’t take much seriously.  But then again, maybe he was trying to throw Them off the track.   Hmmm.

Apparently that vehicle that does not contain McGoo can sometimes contain McGoo, whatever that means.


This is a touchy subject.

No, we’re not talking about “touching ourselves”.

The question is “Why can’t we handle the truth?”  See this article.

The furor reflects a broader nationwide phenomenon as states, cities and the White House itself — led by first lady Michelle Obama — expand efforts to curb obesity. For all the public support of these efforts, there’s also a vocal and passionate corps of skeptics and critics worried that widespread discrimination toward the overweight and obese will only increase.

“Stigma is not an effective motivator,” said Rebecca Puhl, a Yale University psychologist who is a leading expert on weight discrimination. “Whether children or adults, if they are teased or stigmatized, they’re much more likely to engage in unhealthy eating and avoidance of physical activity.”

To declare we’re going to eliminate childhood obesity — that’s actually a very stigmatizing thing to say,” Ernsberger said. “The overweight child hears that and thinks, `They wish I wasn’t here.’  – Paul Ernsberger, Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine in Cleveland

“Billboards depicting fat kids are extraordinarily harmful to the very kids they are supposedly trying to help,” said the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, which called for the billboards’ removal.

Fat acceptance?  What the hell does that mean, anyway?  Go out and hug a container of lard instead of a bunny today?

I’m overweight myself so let’s not get all huffy if someone out there is sensitive.  My “excuse” is that I’ve put on 30lbs since getting my neck screwed up in a car accident.  Is it really an excuse though?  Not when I could be watching my intake and walking in spite of it.  No one to blame but myself.

It’s a real issue.  Teasing is bad, I get it.  But saying we’re going to eliminate childhood obesity is bad?

Whatever happened to turning off the TV and video games and telling the kids to go play outside after school?  If you’re not supposed to bring anything up for fear of “stigmatizing” someone, then you’re supposed to do nothing that might damage the precious snowflakes?  In the 1950’s less than 10% of the population was considered more than a little overweight.  It’s now 50-60%.  We’re not taking care of ourselves and we’re doing kids a disservice by not teaching them better eating habits.

But, here’s the thing I agree with in the article:

The idea of a BMI report card is horrible. – Paul Ernsberger

It absolutely is.  WHY THE HELL SHOULD MY SCHOOL BE CONCERNING THEMSELVES WITH WHAT IS MY JOB?  I don’t need the school to tell me whether or not my kid is overweight.

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He was in a hurry, telephoning me from the airport and telling me that he was granting Brrrt the wish of a lifetime – to visit a cathouse in Budapest – so there weren’t many details that he had time to tell me. Mostly the conversation consisted of  yelling instructions to Brrrt how best to comply with the body cavity search. It was going terribly when he was forced to hang up.

What I did get was it involved a large .50 cal black powder rifle and one ginormous and stupid Turkey Buzzard. After the incident there wasn’t a whole lot left besides feathers, red mist, feet, and more feathers over several counties. Here’s a postcard.  (click on it for the larger version)

A Postcard from out of nowhere for those who wonder: Where's McGoo?


The story is actually a teensy bit different than I understood it – the ugly critter truly was fixin’ to menace ol’ Brrrt and it was a clear case of domestic defense.  It is what any kitty-lovin’ person would have done.

A few minutes ago a certified courier delivered the following message… apparently Budapest veterinary hospitals offer terrible cellphone access.

Brrrt caught a dose of catscratch fever over in Budapest from some nasty pussy he met there. – McGoo


While I suspect the claims of efficiency are wildly exaggerated, the shock-wave approach is still a neat idea.  The constant remarks that this “is just another wankel engine” annoy me to no end, however.   Also, this has been around for a while, why is it generating buzz now?

I think I like it more even than the Scuderi engine.  The Scuderi is a beautiful thing.  Why do I like the shock-wave approach more in spite of that?  Because of reduction of parts.  Every single interface, no matter how finely crafted the gear-train, how well-fitted cams and rods, or how slippery-smooth the wall-ring-piston interface, they are places for mechanical energy loss.


I’ve heard “light me up” and “burn a little herb” to describe the ingestion of cannabis before, but this guy has taken it and gone in a different direction.

I do believe that these professors in Kentucky and in Boulder, Colorado, have taken the former approach many many times.


It is difficult for me to imagine what the hamsters did to deserve this.

This next one… disturbing, but realize that the pup survived and will have a good home. (h/t to Cruel Wife who never treated me this badly)

Kisha Curtis Charged With Starving Her Pit Bull, Dumping Him Down Garbage Chute


Alec Baldwin.  I’d like to say that I’m shocked by his stupidity, but alas, he’s merely being in character.

Well, I mean, I think so because I think that when you come into office and you want to put your mark on things — this is just my opinion, when you want to put your mark on things, you want to be able to spend. And what’s crippled Obama’s administration, as far as I’m concerned, is the financial crisis and it’s prevented him from doing any new spending. – Alec Baldwin, actor and idiot savant

Prevented him from doing any new spending??? Oh.  Thanks, Alex. 

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Outside of where I grew up was the Bohemia Mountains.  The place was lousy with gold mines.  Two notables were the Champion Mine and the Noonday mine.   All manner of placer claims on the streams in the area as well with people to this day sifting them for gold.

The area was a good place to get firewood and dad and I would drive all the way out there and collect wood for the next winter.

He’d sometimes take me up to the mining site and we’d walk up to the mine – we didn’t go far in because he said it was dangerous.  And even as a kid I believed him.  You get just so close to a hole like that and it goes off into the black of nothing and you get this feeling.  Waves of ancient-ness radiate off of the very walls.  And they dynamited them shut after years of people getting in trouble.

But this guy went into a mine in Nevada and went a mite too far.

I just know it was killing the search and rescue folks to have to leave him there but what else could they do?

Rescuers have called off attempts to save a man who fell into an abandoned mine shaft, despite video footage showing he was still breathing.

The 28-year-old man fell 190ft into part of Murphy’s Mine Complex in Jersey Valley, Nevada, on Wednesday.

I haven’t made much mention of the event but a very good friend closed down his blog last week.   You might know him – Steamboat McGoo from Aardvarks and Asshats – he reached the “crazy colorful favorite uncle” status with me years ago. And judging by the awesome responses to his last post he did what he set out to do, which was to entertain and cause many people to spray keyboards and monitors with lots of various liquids meant for drinking.  A lot of very nice people in my estimation.
Note:  I compare people to dogs and the archetypes in my family.  A co-worker of mine – my choice of stage name for him is a great exemplar – Black Lab on Amphetamines.
“Crazy colorful uncle” – almost everyone has one – is the one that kids of all ages gravitate to because he’s got interesting stories, funny jokes, and cares what a kid thinks, listening to them rather than waiting for them to stop talking so he can say something.  Not saying he was like an uncle to me, mind you.  Saying that he always made me smile and laugh like that uncle.  Big difference!

Anyhow, in his last blog-posting he said his health hasn’t been the best and he decided it would be better if he took it easier on himself – my paraphrasing, go to A&A for the actual wording.  And I understand that completely.

I think Brrrt needed more spoiling than he was getting, too.  Poor cat was only getting 45 minutes of all-body deep massage a day and the smoked-gouda feedings twice a day.  That’s pretty sparse.  I don’t know how a cat can function with that kind of neglect.

So not too long ago I had sent McGoo a picture of a place where I used to fish as a kid.  Wikiup Reservoir in the Cascade mountains.   This spot is usually underwater and it was drained a bit.  You used to have to go pretty slow, watching for stumps or you would rip out the bottom of your boat.

Source of the pic is here:  http://www.kokaneefishingforum.com/fishing-forums/showthread.php?t=3900

I fished and camped in most of these places.  Why mention it?  I was thinking of remote outdoorsy places like the gold mines and this place is pretty remote too.  And I was thinking of kokanee, german browns, and rainbows.   Mmmm.

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