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NPR this morning (“Know Thine Enemy” is what I live by)…

They were covering the latest not-quite-news-but-still-media-frenzied story regarding Iran’s missile test.

The reporter was questioning an Israeli representative. At one point, she tried to demonstrate parity, contrasting Iran’s weapons development (and potentially nukes) and the fact that Israel has had the capability and in fact demonstrated past willingness to bomb and/or attack other countries.


Why does the media attempt to be so “fair” and “even handed” that they stop reporting the news as FACT? Fact and the Media New Fairness Doctrine (MNFD – my spelling-out of that acronym is not family friendly) are in no way compatible. There are always two sides, but the idea that one is no better than the other is dead wrong.

There’s no parity here!

The Six-Day War should ring a bell. As I recall, there was a preemptive strike on Egypt’s Air Force, then others were involved – Syria and Jordan. Troops were supplied by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. My point? There’s a lot of animosity there anyway. Has been for a long time.

Israel has not expressed a clear longing to see another country gone. Go listen to Ahmadinejad – what he has said in the past has been debated, but whatever the final analysis, it wasn’t “Hey, guys, we wish you the best in everything!”

While the topic of Iran’s nuclear pursuits is hotly debated, the fact that Iran has rejected the offer of being given fuel suitable for power generation (but not weapons) must be taken into account. There is the almost-arguable issue of a light-water reactor not allowing them to use home-mined Uranium (reliance on external enriched Uranium sources) but their secrecy in the face of the IAEA does not speak well of their intentions. A heavy-water reactor would use non-enriched Uranium which could then be turned into weapons-grade Plutonium.

Some information from pundits regarding Iran’s intent.

Michelle Malkin on Iran and the NIE.

The View from Alexandria.

Axis of Right.

Moving right along…

The reason I claim no parity is because of one fact:

Israel has not been providing arms and assistance to terrorists and insurgents to target innocent civilians within the borders of other countries. As posed in The Axis of Right link above, “Israel is not engaged in a war by proxy.”

Whereas, state-sponsored terrorism combined with weapons programs present (1) a clear and present danger, (2) a willingness to do harm both covert and overt, and (3) a vastly improved propaganda program through the use of misinformation and martyrs in militant groups in and around Israel. Those who willingly seek the demise of innocents and civilians solely because of who/what they are are indefensible.

There is no parity.

Disclaimer: Iran’s rockets in and of themselves are little or no danger to Israel, as they have great bunkers and lots of advance warning systems. The danger, as I see it, is in providing weapons and/or materials to said proxy groups.

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